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6 Effective Ways to Teach Children to Brush Their Teeth

Oral and dental health is one of the important aspects that we must protect. Not only for adults, but from an early age children must be taught to maintain the health of their teeth and mouth. Teaching children to always keep their teeth healthy is tricky. Children often refuse to brush their teeth. So, how do you teach children to brush their teeth? Read on to find out.

When is the best time to teach children to brush their teeth?

Before describing how to teach children to brush their teeth, you must first know when is the best time to teach them. Dental care must be taught since children can hold their own toothbrush and of course already have teeth.

So, when do they have to start brushing their teeth? Ideally, children should get used to brushing their teeth 2 times a day: in the morning about 10 to 15 minutes after breakfast and at night before bed. So, children will feel that something is missing if they haven’t brushed their teeth, especially the night before bed.

Tips for teaching children to brush their teeth

Teaching new things to children is tricky, so you need to do special tricks to build a habit of brushing your teeth in children. Here are some tips you can do to teach children to brush their teeth.

1. Let the child choose their own toothbrush and toothpaste

To teach brushing habits to children, the first step you should take is to choose the right brushing equipment for your child. Toothbrushes for children usually have softer, looser bristles. A wide selection of cute and attractive toothbrush shapes and colors is also widely available on the market.

Not only that, toothpaste for children usually has a delicious fruity taste. Now, let the child choose the shape and taste of toothpaste that he likes so that the routine of brushing teeth is more fun for children.

2. Brush your teeth together

In order for your teeth to be healthy and bright white, you also have to show that you are also diligent in brushing your teeth. When it’s bath time, invite your kids to brush their teeth together. Many children imitate their parents’ habits. If he does what you do, teach your child to brush his teeth the right way.

In addition to brushing your teeth while taking a shower, you can also teach your little one to brush their teeth before going to bed. So that the habit of brushing your teeth before bed is more enjoyable for your child, make this opportunity a time to brush your teeth with your family.

3. Brush your teeth in front of the mirror

An effective way to teach children to brush their teeth is in front of a mirror, so that children can see how to brush their teeth properly. The step to teach children to brush their teeth properly is to brush the entire surface of the teeth by moving the brush on the front teeth in an up and down sweeping motion. While on the outside of the left and right teeth in a circular motion. Do not forget to clean the inner teeth and chewing surfaces of the teeth.

4. Do not be too concerned about brushing technique

Even though it has been taught many times, sometimes children still brush their teeth carelessly and at will. Now, if this happens, don’t mind too much. The reason is, the habit of brushing teeth is very new for children.

What you need to teach your children is how to build a habit of brushing your teeth regularly. Once the habit starts to take shape, you can gradually teach the proper brushing technique. As you practice brushing your teeth, the technique of brushing your teeth can develop over time.

5. Tell a story that teaches about brushing your teeth

Make up stories about oral health before the child goes to bed. For example, the story of a tooth fairy who gave a gift to a child with clean teeth. The more fun you have to tell stories, the easier it will be for children to absorb information about dental health.

If necessary, you can also provide a video or image visualization of the result of not brushing your teeth regularly. For example, images of rotten teeth, cavities and swollen gums. With this trick, your little one will indirectly have their own fears and think twice about not brushing their teeth.

6. Praise the cleanliness of your little one’s teeth

Children like praise for the effort they have done, so when the child is finished brushing their teeth, give praise about their clean teeth. This will further encourage children to continue to maintain their habit of brushing their teeth.

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