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A myriad of causes that trigger allergic reactions on the skin

Allergies to the skin, such as skin redness and itching, can occur due to a number of factors. So, what are the causes of skin allergies that you need to be aware of?

Causes an allergic skin reaction

Allergic skin reactions are skin problems caused by the immune system’s response to allergens. This condition can cause some quite disturbing allergy symptoms, such as irritation, rash, and swelling of the skin.

The cause of an allergic reaction in the skin also depends on the condition and the type of allergen. Here are some types of allergens that can cause signs of allergies that irritate the skin.


One type of allergen that causes allergic skin reactions is cosmetics. Cosmetics can indeed increase user confidence, but not everyone is suitable for using the same ingredients.

Almost every cosmetic has chemical compounds that are briefly similar, but some are different. Therefore, most cases of allergic reactions caused by cosmetics are due to the substances in them.

The chemicals that are often in cosmetics that you need to be aware of because they often cause skin irritation are:

  • parabens,
  • benzoyl peroxide, commonly found in acne medications,
  • fragrance in powders, perfumes, and lipsticks,
  • Oxybenzone,
  • 4-isopropyl-dibenzoylmethane,
  • PABA (para-aminobenzoic acid),
  • ester,
  • Avobenzone, and
  • Cinnamates.

You may not feel any reaction the first time you use these cosmetics. There are times when allergy symptoms do not appear immediately in one use. Allergic skin reactions are very likely to occur when you have used it repeatedly.

Therefore, cosmetic enthusiasts are advised to smear a cosmetic sample that will be used on the skin. This aims to see how the skin reacts for 1-2 days.

Hair dye

hair dye allergy symptoms

For those of you who like to change hair color or just want to darken your hair, maybe you need to be careful. The reason is, the chemical content in hair dye can be the cause of an allergic reaction on your skin.

One of the chemical compounds in hair dye that often causes allergic reactions is paraphenylenediamine (PPD). PPD is a chemical that is often used in permanent hair dye products, especially for darker colors.

Basically, PPD is colorless and requires oxygen to become a hair dye. Therefore, these chemical compounds are usually packaged in two bottles. One contains PPD dye and the other to oxidize this material.

A fully oxidized PPD generally will not cause skin problems. If this chemical is only partially oxidized, it can actually trigger an allergic reaction, especially in those with sensitive skin.

When this happens, the immune system ends up mistaking PPD as a dangerous substance. As a result, hair dye allergic reactions occur. AThere are other chemicals that need to be watched out for because they are said to be similar to PPD, namely:

  • Benzocaine,
  • Procain,
  • para-aminosalicylic acid,
  • Sulfonamides, and
  • Hydrochlorothiazide.


Redness due to sunburn is the most common skin problem. However, did you know that when these symptoms develop into a rash, itching and blistering can be interpreted as an allergic reaction?

Sunlight is said to be one of the causes of allergic skin reactions. This condition, known as photosensitivity (sun allergy), is most likely due to genetic disorders, aka run in families.

Certain drug, food, and cosmetic interactions can also cause the same reaction when the skin is exposed to the sun’s heat. For example, antibiotic medications and ointments (tetracyclines and sulfonamides) can trigger sunburn allergy symptoms.


Allergic reactions that arise from water are hard to believe, but the cause of this skin allergy is real.

This water allergy, also known as aquagenic urticaria, occurs when the sufferer has direct contact with water, whether it’s hot or cold water. Until now, no research has found the exact cause of this skin problem.

However, there are two factors that are most likely to trigger this allergic reaction, namely:

  • Active chemical compounds present in water, such as chlorine.
  • The skin contains substances that are toxic when interacting with water.

Ultimately, one of the two factors releases histamine which causes allergy symptoms to appear.


Have you ever felt itchy and reddish skin when using certain jewelry? If so, it is possible that this skin allergic reaction is caused by nickel-type jewelry or metal goods.

Nickel is a white, silvery metal that is commonly found in items such as jewelry, glasses and cell phones. Although it is quite safe, there are some people who develop symptoms of this metal allergy.

The cause of this allergic skin reaction is not known exactly why it happened. However, the immune system response that considers nickel as a dangerous compound still needs to be watched out.


Latex, especially those made from natural rubber, is a compound frequently used in medical and dental supplies. For example, disposable gloves, syringes, and bandages use latex as the main ingredient.

In addition to medical equipment, latex is also often found in everyday items, such as condoms, bags, balloons, pacifiers and baby bottles.

Most people consider latex to be a fairly safe compound. However, latex can actually cause allergic skin reactions in some people.

If you have a latex allergy, your immune system will recognize this compound as a dangerous substance. This triggers antibodies to fight the latex.

When you return to latex, the antibodies tell your immune system to release histamine and other chemicals into your blood. This response produces a variety of allergy signs and symptoms.

The more often a person comes into contact with latex, the stronger the immune system will respond. This condition is more commonly referred to as sensitization.

Poison from plants

In some people, touching certain plants can cause allergic skin reactions, such as rashes and itchy skin. Types of plants that often cause allergic skin reactions are:

  • Rhus tree (Toxicodendron succedaneum), which is a tree in autumn,
  • Primula obconica and chrysanthemums, and
  • oak.

Keep in mind that not everyone is allergic to the plants mentioned above. There are times when some people experience allergic symptoms due to plant pollen carried by the wind.

Other chemicals

allergy to clothing materials

Allergic skin reactions are also caused by a number of chemicals in addition to some of the things mentioned above. Anything?

  • Mercury sulfide, a chemical that is often found in red tattoo ink.
  • Preservative (formaldehyde) in clothing.
  • Pigments for clothing dyes that trigger allergies in clothing.
  • Additional coating on glasses (UV stabilizer).

Keep in mind that there are many factors that may not be mentioned above that can cause an allergic skin reaction.

If you have a problem with your skin, such as a rash and itching that doesn’t get better, consult a doctor immediately for an allergy skin test. This aims to find out what causes it and how to relieve the symptoms being experienced.

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