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Facial yoga: what it is, benefits and how to do it

Non-invasive technique can rejuvenate the skin and tone the muscles of the face

It is very common to think that, to have a well-toned face and a skin with a healthier and firmer appearance, it is necessary to undergo procedures such as lifting, botox, laser or using imported cosmetics and the like.

However, with a few simple movements, the facial yoga can be very beneficial for skin rehabilitation when done correctly. a 2018 study published in the scientific journal JAMA-Dermatology attested the effectiveness of this method as an alternative to rejuvenation the face.

Accessible and non-invasive, the practice consists of varied exercises that activate the musculature of the face and neck, relaxing points of tension prone to wrinkles. In addition, she also uses the typical yoga breathing, which helps in body relaxation.

Benefits of facial yoga

Facial yoga works the 57 muscles of the face and neck, preventing wrinkles, expression marks and sagging, giving the skin a more relaxed, youthful and toned look. Blood circulation, which brings nutrients to the skin, and lymphatic circulation, which removes toxins from the body and drains possible excess fluids, are also favored by the technique.

Working as an awareness and harmonization of the face, facial yoga does not have a “recipe”, according to speech therapist Alessandra Scavone, creator of the MASC Facial technique.

“For each region, we have several specific exercises, with different number of sets and seconds, because each muscle has its own need. So, if the person performs less than recommended, there will be no benefits and, if performed more than the recommended, you may experience muscle fatigue “, he says.

Scavone explains that the muscles worked in facial yoga are much smaller and more delicate than those of the body, so it is natural that they need less time to achieve the desired firmness and toning. But that does not mean that the exercises should be done less regularly.

“Just as your body needs regular activity to be firm and toned, the muscles of the face and neck must also be exercised for the same purpose”, points out the expert.

Regularity and variation of exercises

Alessandra also warns of the need to vary practice exercisesbecause, if they are always the same, the muscle gets used and there are no results. For this reason, she recommends a 10-minute facial yoga program, performed regularly, with a different series of exercises each day, so that the results can last for the rest of your life.

The expert also adds that it is very important to take up the habit of practice and do not go without performing facial yoga for a very long period of days. “Those who do not exercise, or stop doing it for a period, have their muscles atrophied. The same happens with the muscles of the face. If it is not worked, it loses tone, impairing the support of the skin”, he says.

Facial yoga at home

Another advantage of the method is that it can be applied at home, as long as it is previously indicated and guided by a professional in the field. Only an expert can determine details such as: series of exercises; correct time of each practice; right number of repetitions; and appropriate movements for each face – in order to avoid exercises that cause wrinkles.

“It is very important that the client seeks, at least once, a professional trained in facial yoga, who has real knowledge of the muscles of the face and neck. Having the exercises structured by a specialist, the person knows what to do each day of the week and how much to exercise each muscle “, he explains.

How to do facial yoga

Facial yoga activates the musculature of the face, so you don’t need any special equipment. “The instrument is the muscle itself. Other materials can be used, but these would be complements. Using an oil or cream before practice is interesting”, says the speech therapist.

Below, specialist Alessandra Scavone shows some basic exercises for those who want to start practicing facial yoga at home:


Neck Roll

Start looking ahead. Turn your head to the right so that it is aligned with your right shoulder, then tilt your head back. Hold for 6 to 8 seconds. Return your head to the normal position.

Then turn your head to the left, in line with your left shoulder. Tilt your head back and hold for 6 to 8 seconds. Repeat 3 times for each side. This exercise reaffirms and tones the muscles in the region, improving lines and wrinkles on the side of the neck.

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Toning the neck

Tilt your head back and project your lips out, or your jaw, as much as possible. Place your hand on your collarbone. Hold for 4 deep breaths.

It is ideal for exercising the front neck muscle, which helps to reduce lines and wrinkles in that area. It also tones the lower jaw, which helps to firm this area and reduce sagging skin.

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Push your chin down on the top of your fingers and support your elbow with your other hand, as if your gaze is directed downwards and your hand is lifting your face upwards. Hold for three deep breaths.

Then, using the tops of the fingers of both hands, gently tap the “jowl”, alternating between each hand for 15 seconds.

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Kiss the sky (Marilyn Monroe)

Tilt your head back gently and “kiss” the sky 10 times. Make the kiss sound. Then, relax your face and take a deep breath. After exhaling, imagine that you are blowing out a candle, pushing your lips out slightly. Relax and do this two more times. This exercise will “fill in” and firm your lips; it is also indicated to firm the mandibular line and the neck.

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Inflate your cheeks as well as your upper and lower lips, as if your mouth is full of water, closing your lips tightly. Place your hands on your lips so that, when starting the exercise, you don’t make wrinkles. Start breathing through your nose

Then start to transfer the air from one side of the cheek to the other. Do this for thirty seconds. This technique will lift and tone the muscles to firm the cheeks and therefore reduce lines and wrinkles.

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Face Watch

Keep your head relaxed and look at a spot in front of you. Place your entire hand on your forehead. Then, without moving your head, neck or face, move your eyes to the right side, then back to the center and then move your eyes to the left.

Finally, move your eyes back to the center and look at the ceiling. Do this also by looking down, as if aiming at the floor. Carefully close your eyes for five seconds and repeat again.

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The “V”

Place both middle fingers together between the eyebrows. Then apply pressure to the outer corners of the eyes with your index fingers. Look up and start “almost” closing your eyes. Feel your lower eyelids move upwards as much as you can. Relax and repeat six more times.

To finish, squeeze your eyes closed for ten seconds, open them and relax. This exercise is indicated to reduce bags under the eyes and tone the muscles around the eyes.

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Place your index fingers on the outer edges of your eyebrow. Open your eyes wide and pull your eyebrows away from each other, creating tension between the two. Hold the position for ten seconds and repeat two more times.

Then place your index and middle fingers between your eyebrows and “stretch” out. To give a lift, “pinch” your eyebrows from the inside out three times and hold the position for 10 seconds. This exercise reduces lines between the eyebrows, relieves tension and firms the forehead.

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