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Hormones may change with the season, study finds

Scientists say that some glands, like the thyroid, can change with climate change

One search made by Salk Institute for Biological Studies, in the United States, revealed that the hormones present in the human body are capable of undergoing changes according to the season.

The analysis, which included about 3.5 million blood tests, proves that humans have what has been called a “seasonal internal clock”, which causes the alignment between hormones and climate change.

“Along with a long history of studies on human functions done during the peak of the Winter and Spring seasons, the seasonality shown by hormones indicates that, like other animals, humans may have a physiological peak season for basic biological functions,” they explained. the study authors.

Impact on the organism

The results revealed that the pituitary gland, responsible for producing hormones that affect metabolism, stress and lactation in pregnant women, reached its peak mainly on summer days. The organs controlled by the pituitary gland, the gland that produces sex hormones and thyroid, reached their peak during winter.

Other hormones, such as testosterone, estradiol and progesterone, for example, reached their peak in late winter or during spring.

Scientists have not yet discovered which mechanism is capable of boosting the biological clock, but the study authors suggest that there is a kind of internal circuit that promotes natural feedback between the body and the external environment.

Pituitary hormones, for example, when tuned exclusively to sunlight, are able to “feed” other organs over a period of one year, allowing them to grow in functional mass according to the seasons.

The research authors caution that, even if seasonal changes do not cause large-scale changes, the finding may help in the clinical perspective. “Even a small systematic effect can cause misdiagnosis if the normal ranges are not adapted to the seasons, causing new costs for extra tests and treatment,” say the scientists.

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