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Suavicid: what is it for and how to use the ointment

Suavicid is an ointment that has hydroquinone, tretinoin and acetinonide fluocinolone in its composition, which are substances that help to lighten dark spots on the skin.

Therefore, this ointment is usually indicated by dermatologists to treat melasma, which is a skin change characterized by the appearance of dark spots on the cheeks, nose, forehead and chin, for example, which may be due to excessive exposure to the sun, use of contraceptives, pregnancy or vascular alterations, for example. Learn more about melasma.

Suavicid ointment should be used according to the doctor’s advice and can be found in pharmacies in the form of a tube with about 15 g of the product.

what is it for

Suavicid ointment can be indicated by dermatologists for short-term treatment for melasma, as it contains substances capable of promoting the lightening of blemishes in its composition.

How to use

Suavicid ointment should be used as directed by the dermatologist. It is recommended that before applying the ointment, the face is washed with soap and water suitable for the face and then wiped with a soft towel.

The ointment should be applied about 30 minutes before bedtime and a small amount, about the size of a pea, should be used. The ointment must be properly spread on the spot and 0.5 cm around the spot, as this will ensure better results. The ointment should be spread until it is no longer possible to see, if the area remains white, it is a sign that an amount above the recommended amount has been applied.

It is important to avoid excessive exposure to sunlight during treatment as it can darken the blemishes. So, if you need to be exposed to the sun, it is recommended that you use sunscreen with the sun protection filter recommended by the dermatologist, as well as a hat and protective clothing, for example.

Possible side effects

The most common side effects of using this ointment include redness, peeling, swelling, burning, dryness, itching, increased skin sensitivity, acne, or visible blood vessels at the application site.

In the presence of any side effects associated with the use of suavicid ointment, it is recommended to discontinue the use of this ointment and consult a dermatologist for a skin evaluation to be performed and the best treatment indicated to promote skin recovery and then to promote clearing of the melasma.

who should not use

Suavicid ointment is not indicated for people under 18 years of age, for pregnant or breastfeeding women and for people who are allergic to any of the components of the formula.

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