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What can cause lack of oxygen

The lack of oxygen, which can also be known as hypoxia, consists of decreasing the supply of oxygen in tissues throughout the body. The lack of oxygen in the blood, which can also be called hypoxemia, is a serious condition, which can cause serious tissue damage and, consequently, the risk of death.

The brain is the most affected organ in this situation, as its cells can die in about 5 minutes due to lack of oxygen. Therefore, whenever signs of lack of oxygen are identified, such as shortness of breath, mental confusion, dizziness, fainting, coma or purplish fingers, it is important to go to the emergency room as soon as possible.

To identify the lack of oxygen, the doctor can identify the signs through physical examination and order tests, such as pulse oximetry or arterial blood gases, for example, that can identify the oxygen concentration of the bloodstream.

What to do in the absence of oxygen

Treatment for lack of oxygen is usually started with the use of an oxygen mask to try to normalize your blood levels, however, the situation will only be really treated with the resolution of the cause.

Thus, depending on the cause, specific treatments are indicated by the doctor, such as the use of antibiotics for pneumonia, nebulization for asthma, medicines to improve the functioning of the lungs or heart, treatments for anemia or antidotes for poisonings, for example.

In severe cases, which are caused by brain damage or cannot be resolved immediately, the use of artificial respiration through devices, in an ICU environment and with the use of sedatives, may be necessary until the doctor is able to stabilize the capacity respiratory. Understand when induced coma is necessary.

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