What does the vagina look like after vaginal delivery?


After normal delivery, it is common for women to feel that the vagina is wider than normal, in addition to feeling a heaviness in the intimate region. However, the pelvic floor musculature returns to normal after delivery, so that the vagina remains the same size as before and during pregnancy, with no “enlargement”.

Despite this, in some cases, especially when the woman has had more than one vaginal delivery or when the baby is very large, it is possible that the muscles and nerves in the region are damaged, which can enlarge the vaginal canal a little and cause pain. and discomfort during intimate intercourse.

Thus, to avoid changes in the pelvic floor muscles, exercises indicated by the physical therapist can be performed to strengthen the muscles of the region.

How to avoid

To avoid enlargement of the vagina, you should do urogynecological physiotherapy, which aims to strengthen the muscles of the perineum region, which makes the vaginal canal smaller and prevents problems such as urinary incontinence.

Urogynecological physiotherapy uses different resources, such as performing Kegel exercises, electrostimulation or measuring muscle activity in the region. Here’s how to practice Kegel exercises to prevent urinary incontinence.

vaginal surgery

Vaginal surgery, also called perineoplasty, is done to reshape the muscles in the vaginal area after childbirth, correcting the feeling of laxity and discomfort during intimate intercourse.

Ideally, the surgery should be performed 6 months to 1 year after delivery, the period it takes for the body to return to normal after pregnancy. In addition, before surgery, you need to lose weight and do physical activity to stimulate the strengthening of the muscles in the vaginal region. See more details about perineoplasty surgery.

What can make the vagina wider?

The pelvic floor corresponds to a group of muscles that guarantee the support of Organs genital, urinary and anus organs and, like all other muscles, loses elasticity over time. Thus, it is natural that as a woman ages, the pelvic floor muscles lose firmness and the vagina becomes wider than usual, in addition to urinary incontinence in some cases.

In addition to the loss of natural elasticity, the vagina can become wider when the woman has had several pregnancies, because as the baby develops in the uterus, it puts pressure on the organs located in the pelvic floor, which can weaken the local muscles. .

In addition, normal delivery of a baby with a higher than normal weight, genetic factors, having had another vaginal delivery, lack of performing pelvic exercises and performing an episiotomy can also favor the enlargement of the vagina.

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