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What is the Difference in Blood Pressure in the Morning, Day, and Night?

Maybe you often hear that it is recommended to take blood pressure measurements in the morning. Many say, the results of blood pressure tests in the morning are more accurate for detecting health problems. So, what if it is measured at another time? Is it true that there is a difference in blood pressure in the morning, afternoon, or evening?

The difference in blood pressure

Blood in your body has an important function as a carrier for oxygen and important nutrients needed by the body. Without pressure, your blood cannot be pushed and circulated throughout your body.

When there are problems with blood pressure, you will be advised to check to find out if there is a disease that you have or not. According to Livescience, a study states that blood pressure measured in the morning can see health problems better than if done at night.

This was explained by Dr. Satoshi Hoshide, from Jichi Medical University. This difference in blood pressure tends to increase in the morning, and the population is more Asian than people in western countries.

What are the factors that influence the difference in blood pressure?

After knowing this, you may be wondering why this happened. Actually everyone’s blood pressure will always fluctuate. The pattern will start high in the morning until noon then reach a peak in the afternoon and then fall back down at night.

The pattern of changes in blood pressure is closely related to the body’s biological clock, aka circadian rhythm. The body’s biological clock regulates the work of every organ of the human body according to a certain schedule in a span of 24 hours or one day.

Blood pressure is considered normal when it is below 120/80 mm Hg. Beware when the top number is in the range 120-139 and the number below is 80-89, it can be said that you have a risk of hypertension. If your blood pressure is different, try to remember whether you have any of the following risk factors.

  • Smoking and coffee hobbies. Smoking and drinking coffee habits can make the risk of increased blood pressure in the morning even greater.
  • Drugs. Some of the medicines you take can also affect the increase in blood pressure. For example in asthma medications, skin and allergy medications, and cold medicines.
  • Work late at night. If you often stay up late or work on night shifts, this can play a role in causing a difference in blood pressure so that in the morning blood pressure will increase.
  • Excessive stress. Excess anxiety or stress can, over time, decrease the performance of your heart and blood vessels, which can lead to permanent blood pressure problems.

Ways to correct blood pressure differences

This difference in blood pressure can actually be corrected in the following ways:

  • Monitor your blood pressure regularly, the results of frequent differences in blood pressure can indicate the possibility of disease in the future. Therefore, you should monitor your measurement results so that they can be resolved early.
  • Get used to doing a healthy lifestyle. Such as by eating regularly, getting enough sleep, exercising, and eating healthy foods. This can help you avoid different blood pressure problems.
  • If this is not helping enough, you can consult your doctor so that you can find out the cause and the best solution for yourself.

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