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What Parents Should Do when Forgetting a Child Immunization Schedule

Providing immunization to children is one way to prevent disease transmission. The government has even set 5 basic immunizations that children must get before they are 1 year old. Unfortunately, not a few children are late in immunization because their parents often forget. Whether it’s because of a busy schedule or even think that immunization is not important. So, what happens if the child is late in immunization? How do you make parents always remember the child’s immunization schedule? Come on, find out the answers to all of these questions in the review below.

Immunization is very important so it shouldn’t be too late

The benefit of immunization is to prevent and reduce the risk of complications due to dangerous and infectious diseases.

When a child has been immunized, his body will be automatically equipped with an immune system that works specifically to fight viruses, bacteria, or germs that cause the disease.

Conversely, if children are not immunized, they will be more at risk of contracting dangerous diseases and experiencing serious complications.

Children who are not immunized are also at risk of transmitting their illness to the people around them. As a result, disease outbreaks and death rates will be even higher.

What if the child is late in immunization?


With such a busy life, there are times when you as a parent may forget your child’s immunization schedule. This makes children late or even missed immunizations. However, you don’t need to worry too much.

If you are a few days late from the predetermined schedule, consult a doctor immediately. Usually the doctor will advise the child to do follow-up immunization.

This also applies if your child is late or misses immunizations that must be done in one series, for example polio.

Polio immunization itself consists of four series and all children are required to get it. According to the government program, polio immunization is carried out immediately when the child is born, at the age of 2 months, 3 months and 4 months.

When children are late getting polio immunization, you don’t have to worry about having to start over again.

Keep giving the next type of immunization on schedule. It doesn’t matter what distance the delay is from the previous immunization.

One thing that needs to be underlined is it is never too late to submit immunizations that have already been missed.

Remember, immunization not only protects children from various dangerous diseases, but also prevents person-to-person transmission of the disease.

So, not only your child will benefit, other children and people around him will also feel it.

Tips so as not to forget and late the child’s immunization schedule

vaccines affect children's intelligence

Since immunization plays an important role in preventing infectious diseases and dangerous complications, it is important for parents to always remember their child’s immunization schedule.

So, so that children are no longer late for immunizations, here are some things that can be done.

1. Create a reminder on the phone

Currently, cellphones have become important items that must be carried wherever we go. Not only has a negative impact, if used wisely, cellphones can provide many benefits, you know. One of them is a means of reminders for the child’s immunization schedule.

Yes, you can take advantage of the reminder feature on your phone. It’s easy, mark the date when your little one should be immunized then set a reminder alarm so that it will ring on that date. So, you don’t need to worry anymore about missing the baby’s immunization schedule.

You can also add the type of immunization that is scheduled, for example hepatitis B immunization or MMR immunization. This will make it easier for parents to remember the types of vaccines to be given to children.

2. Take notes, notes, notes

Even though it is fairly old-fashioned, keeping a special journal or note about all the development or needs of your little one can also be an effective way to remember a child’s immunization schedule, so that the child will no longer be late for immunizations.

Yes, for some parents, writing directly on paper makes it easier for them to remember something rather than having to write it down on a gadget.

You can also view your child’s immunization schedule in the immunization logbook provided by your doctor or health provider. Keep the notebook carefully, so that it is easy to find whenever you need it.

3. Remember the child’s birth date

Another easy way to keep your child from being late for immunizations is to remember their birth date. In principle, the child’s immunization schedule will be based on the child’s birth date each month.

So, there should be no more reason to forget your child’s immunization schedule, right?

It is important to note if you are late for immunization

immunization of children vaccines

Immunization is usually provided free of charge by health services under the auspices of the government, such as regional hospitals (RSUD), Puskesmas, and Posyandu.

Don’t hesitate to ask or ask explanation to doctors and midwives regarding the immunization program that the child will carry out later.

Ask for an explanation of the type of vaccine used, the brand of the vaccine, the side effects of immunization and other things to watch out for after immunization.

If you feel you do not understand, please discuss it with your doctor until you really understand.

One more thing that is not less important, the things that the doctor records in the immunization logbook must also be understood by parents. Don’t let only the doctor understand.

Although the immunization logbook is written by a doctor, it is the parent’s book. So, it is important for parents to understand it too. That way, children will no longer be late for immunization.

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