What to do to treat the ingrown nail at home


The slightly ingrown nail can be treated at home, trying to lift the corner of the nail and inserting a piece of cotton or gauze, so that the nail stops growing to the inside of the finger and ends up unscrewing naturally.

However, when the area around the nail becomes very red, swollen and pus, it may indicate that there is already an infection in the site and, therefore, it is very important that it is evaluated by a health professional, such as a nurse or podiatrist, who may even indicate the application of an antibiotic ointment to relieve symptoms.

How to treat ingrown nail at home

How to undo the nail at home

To treat the slightly ingrown and inflamed nail, follow the step-by-step:

  1. Leave the foot or hand of the ingrown nail soak in warm or hot water, for about 20 minutes;
  2. Try to lift the corner of the nail that is jammed with tweezers and put a piece of cotton or gauze between the nail and the skin to keep it elevated, changing daily;
  3. Pass some antiseptic solution iodopovihadone, for example, to prevent the region from infecting.

If the nail is too ingrown, inflamed or with pus and it is not possible to walk normally, nor try to loosen the nail from the skin, one should seek a nurse, a podiatrist or a dermatologist to untangle the nail. Thus, the procedure can be done correctly and without the risk of aggravation as input of bacteria, for example.

What not to do

In case of ingrown nail should not cut the part of the ingrown nail, cut the nail into “v”, nor put a tight bandage. These measures only worsen the ingrown nail and increase the risk of the nail jam again.

How to treat the ingrown with pus

The nail ingrown with pus should always be evaluated by a professional, because in these cases it is usually necessary to use antibiotic ointments to fight infection and allow healing to happen.

When to go to the doctor

It is indicated to go to the doctor when there are any of the following situations:

  • Having diabetes;
  • The nail is very ingrown, inflamed or with pus;
  • The finger is too swollen or if the circulation doesn’t seem to be happening.

It is also indicated to seek professional help if there are lesions in the affected region or signs of poor blood circulation.

When surgery is indicated

Surgery for ingrown nails is indicated in cases where nails often jam and treatment with nail elevation or cutting does not result, especially if there is spongy meat in place. In this case the surgery is done with local anesthesia and, in most cases, it is not necessary to remove the entire nail. Depending on the nail to be treated, the doctor may choose to apply an acid, such as silver nitrate, which destroys part of the nail that was jammed, for example.

How to prevent nails from encrana

To prevent ingrown nails should cut them straight, but avoiding leaving the nail too short. In addition, it is also important to wear tight shoes and change socks daily, as this prevents the proliferation of microorganisms.

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