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When to take medicine for anemia

Medicines for anemia are prescribed when hemoglobin values ​​are below reference values, such as hemoglobin less than 12 g/dl in women and less than 13 g/dl in men. In addition, it is also recommended to take medication to prevent anemia after long surgery, before pregnancy and after childbirth, for example.

Generally, the medicines are in the form of pills or capsules, but in more serious cases it may be necessary to take the medicine through a vein, through an injection into a muscle or blood transfusion, as indicated by the doctor.

The remedies indicated by the doctor may vary according to the type of anemia, and the following may be recommended:

1. Decrease in iron levels

In this case, the use of drugs rich in folic acid, ferrous sulfate and iron is usually indicated, such as Folifolin, Endofolin, Hemototal, Fervit, Fetrival, Iberol and Vitafer, in order to increase the amount of circulating iron and its transport to the body . These medications are usually indicated in case of microcytic, hypochromic or ferropenic anemia, and it is generally indicated by the doctor that the medication be taken with meals for about 3 months.

2. Decrease in vitamin B12 levels

Anemia due to decreased levels of vitamin B12, also called megaloblastic anemia, should be treated with cyanocobalamin and hydroxocobalamin, such as Alginac, Profol, Permadoze, Jaba 12, Metiocolin, Etna, together with multivitamins such as Suplevit or Century, for example.

3. Severe anemia

When anemia is severe and the patient has hemoglobin values ​​below 10 g/dl, for example, it may be necessary to have a blood transfusion, to receive the missing blood cells and reduce the symptoms of anemia. However, usually after transfusion it is necessary to maintain iron intake through pills.

4. Anemia in pregnancy

To prevent the occurrence of anemia in pregnancy, it is common to take pills, such as folic acid pills, before and during pregnancy, but only on medical advice. In addition, excessive blood loss can occur after normal delivery, which can lead to anemia, so in some cases it is necessary to take iron.

5. Home remedies

To help treat anemia, you can take a home remedy such as strawberry juice, beetroot juice, or nettle or mugwort tea. In addition, drinking pineapple juice with parsley is good for fighting anemia, as these foods are rich in vitamin C, which enhances the absorption of iron. Learn about other home remedy options for anemia.

In addition to treating anemia, it is essential to eat foods rich in iron and vitamin C.

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