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3 yoga postures that help against anxiety and stress

Method combines meditation with gentle movements, capable of stimulating hormones that act on the nervous system

By Priscilla Leite, yoga teacher and creator of the Pri Leite Yoga channel and the Girassol Yoga Platform *

For those who live focused on the future, worried and anxious, the practice of yoga can be a great ally to reduce these feelings and help to relax, bringing the fullness of living in the present moment, without neuras. Practicing a few asanas for a few minutes a day can have a big impact over the days.

The ancient method combines mindfulness and meditation with gentle movements, capable of stimulating hormones that act directly on the nervous system, working to calm the mind and relax the body. Therefore, if you have had a stressful day or are experiencing an anxiety attack, certain postures are very beneficial for relieving these feelings.

To get the most out of your yoga session, observe the sensations that circulate through your body as you perform each pose. Allow yourself to feel and experience any emotions that arise. If you feel your thoughts are dispersing, take your mind back to the mat and continue your practice, focusing on your breathing.

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Yoga does not promise to solve all of our problems, but it undoubtedly helps us to have the necessary calm and discernment to solve them. In this way, I have separated some postures that are excellent for relieving stress and anxiety. More postures you find in Pri Channel on Youtube. Check out:

Yoga postures for stress and anxiety

1 – Child’s posture

The child’s posture is ideal for everyone, as it helps to slow down and relax, naturally strengthening the immune system. The intention is for the student to relax deeply and connect with his breathing.

Photo: Disclosure / Pri Leite Photo: Disclosure / Pri Leite

On a yoga mat, sit on your knees and spread them further than your hips. Slowly move your body forward until your forehead touches the mat, creating a stretch in your back and hips.

2 – Cat and cow posture

This posture will help to relieve pain in the spine and also in the digestive system, in addition to promoting relaxation. Like the previous one, it can be done by anyone.

Photo: Disclosure / Pri Leite Photo: Disclosure / Pri Leite

Spread your fingers and position them at the same distance from your wrists and hips, the same distance from your heels. When inhaling, bring the chest forward and upward, with the belly being pushed down. Relax your shoulders by stretching your throat and stretching your neck.

Photo: Disclosure / Pri Leite Photo: Disclosure / Pri Leite

On exhalation, push the floor with your hands, rounding the spine. Bring the chin towards the chest and the pubic bone towards the navel. Repeat the two postures four times. It is important to focus on inspiration.

3 – Posture of the dog looking down

This posture helps the nervous system, blood circulation and the process of increasing immunity. By doing it, you stretch your body and control your breathing, which facilitates physical and mental relaxation.

Photo: Disclosure / Pri Leite Photo: Disclosure / Pri Leite

On the yoga mat, stand in a position of four supports and place the balls of your feet on the floor. Spread your fingers well and lift your buttocks up and back, keeping your knees bent to stretch your spine. Stay like this for a few seconds, relaxing all the muscles of the shoulders and neck.

* Priscilla Leite is a yoga teacher with training in Vinyasa Flow, Hatha Yoga and Yoga for pregnant women. He began to teach online classes in 2013 and, shortly after, created the channel Pri Leite Yoga, on YouTube, with free classes in Portuguese.

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