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    How Often Should Bedding be Cleaned?

    It can be easy for one to forget to clean their bedding regularly. This is because some people might prioritize their clothes, and not have enough time to take care of the bedclothes, or simply because it is winter, and they would probably take longer to dry up.

    One thing many people fail to understand is that, on average, they spend 49 to 63 hours on their sheets.

    That time is more than enough for the accumulation of a lot of sweat, dead skin cells, oil, saliva, dirt, etc. This not only makes the bedding a dust mite paradise but will also become a breeding haven for bacteria, which can cause an uncomfortable sleep.

    But how frequently should they be washed? Doing it so often can loosen the fabrics that they can wear out faster. On the other hand, cleaning the bedding rarely will make the dirt and allergens such as dust mites build up.

    In many cases, bedding can be cleaned at least every other week. Some of them might have to be cleaned a lot sooner than that. Other factors which can make one want to wash them sooner include;

    • If you have certain dust allergies
    • If you sweat a lot
    • If either you or your partner has a contagious illness
    • A pet sleeps on the same bed as you

    It can be a hassle adding all those components of the bed into a laundry basket every weekend. However, knowing precisely at what intervals some bedding should be cleaned would be of more significant help.

    Listed below are some of the most commonly used bed linen and how frequently they ought to be washed or changed;

    1)   Sheets and pillowcases

    Health experts recommend that bedsheets and pillowcases should be cleaned and changed every week. This is because they receive the largest amount of dirt, body oils, and dead skin, which cling to them. When left for too long, they can harbor bacteria, which might not be suitable for your health.

    2)   Pillows

    Pillows are best used with a pillow protector, which should be washed weekly. However, if someone does not use a pillowcase or protector, having them cleaned once a month or every other month should work perfectly well.

    3)   Blankets and duvets

    How often a blanket is used determines how regularly it should be washed. If rarely used and is only brought out once in a while, cleaning it once in a couple of months should be considered. However, if being used daily, then having them out for laundry after 3 to 4 weeks is the best option.

    4)   Mattress covers

    Mattress covers extend the life of a mattress. They should also be kept clean regularly, but once every three months should be okay. If there are any stains visible, they should be thoroughly washed as soon as possible.

    5)   Bed skirts, curtains, and canopies

    These are extra bed materials which are majorly used for decoration. They do not really have any added functions, so they hardly catch any dirt. That said, they should be washed every three to four months. Cleaning twice a year works for some users too.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Is cleaning bedding with hot water advisable?

    A: Hot water will only make the fabric loose, making it wear out faster. Using warm water is the best option to kill germs and remove tough stains.

    Q: How are mattresses cleaned?

    A: When seeking bedding services, mattresses can also be cleaned by vacuuming them. This is something that does not need to be done regularly, as once or twice a year will be okay.

    Q: Should I make my bed immediately after getting up?

    A: Contrary to popular belief, beds should not be made immediately after one gets up. This is because doing so traps the moisture and warmth, making the environment favorable to dust mites and bacteria.

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