How to Grow Long and Thick Beards Without using Supplements or Chemicals


Unfortunately, men believe that all form of beards are associated with masculinity, power, and wisdom. They believe that the more and thicker beards you have, the more respect it commands, and you get in return. Even though beards are essential, their ability to grow is hindered by poor diet, genetics, and improper skin care. Human hair grows half an inch every month, but this can become even longer or shorter, depending on various factors. Here are tips for improving your beards and ensuring they are both long and thick in 4 weeks.

1.Take good care of your face by using moisturizers. Wash your face regularly to stimulate air circulation and opening of hair follicles. Over time you will notice more beards growing.

2.Exercise regularly. Beards have been proven to grow thicker and longer in men who run, walk, and cycle frequently. Therefore the more you exercise, there is an increase in blood circulation and the provision of nutrients for healthy and thick beards.

3.Reduce the levels of stress and have enough rest. The more weight you have, the more adverse effects on the production of testosterone. Therefore, nutrients cannot be supplied around the body and get to the hair follicles.

4.Eat more vegetables. For your body to grow long and healthy hairs, you require to feed on vegetables since they contain vitamins and minerals. Note that beards are protein filaments, and so the more proteins rich food you consume, the thicker and more beards you grow.

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