Lemon craze amidst the covid-19 pandemic


With the covid-19 sweeping across nations, people are out to try and find out the best way to treat the disease. So far, people have deduced different myths regarding the natural cure for this virus.

The lemon wave and overpricing aren’t in Kenya alone but globally. However, medical experts have warned against the belief that drinking lemon juice cures coronavirus.

Lemon concoction and covid-19

Currently, the prices of lemon range from ksh 20 to 30 each. Most eateries at the city center are now making a concoction called “dawa” that encompasses lemon, ginger, and honey.

People operating those restaurants have said customers ask for the drink because they believe it can cure the virus.

According to nutritionists, ginger mixed with lemon water and honey have been used for many years for people with clogged noses. It helps to reduce the phlegm giving one relief. This makes people believe the drink is potent for preventing flu.

What people don’t realize that due to the acidity levels of lemon, too much of the concoction erodes teeth.

It additionally causes reflux that gives someone stomach upset because of taking a lot of the drink.

For the first time in years, salespeople are making good profits from selling lemons.

A health expert has urged people to take the necessary precautions because currently, there’s no cure for coronavirus. He attributes the spike in transmission from drinking this concoction as what it does is suppress the symptoms temporarily.

According to a study carried out by Partnership for Evidence-Based Response to Covid-19 (PERC), over 60% of those interviewed believe lemon juice could cure the virus.

The lemon craze is believed to have come out after a post went viral on social media regarding the citrus fruit. In the video, a Chinese doctor claims patients came back with improved health after using lemon.

On the other hand, pharmacists around the country have said the number of people buying vitamin C and zinc supplements had increased.

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