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    ‘Lockdown might not help’ KMPDU’ Chibanzi on what needs to be done

    KMPDU’s Secretary-General, Chibanzi Mwachonda, has come out in opposition of a total lockdown in a bid to control the spread of COVID.

    Kenya has seen COVID cases shoot up by almost 350 per cent in a month since the President lifted the remaining restrictions.

    Address by the President

    For the weeks gone, Kenya has been reporting on average, 800 cases a day. Furthermore, the positivity rate has increased to an average of 14 per cent.

    The President will today deliver a speech on the way forward in the COVID fight. There are expectations that he will lock down the country. He could shut down bars, and ban political gatherings and other super spreader events.

    However, speaking to Waihiga Mwaura on Day Break, Dr Chibanzi was sceptical that a lockdown would work. However, he was all for banning political gatherings and enforcing the wearing of masks.

    Furthermore, he welcomed the return of curfew at 7 pm as well as the closing of bars.

    Solutions besides lockdown

    “The situation right now will not be controlled even if we have a total lockdown today,” Chibanzi said. “It will take 3-4 weeks for the results to take effect. This is because, over the last two months, there has been a complete disregard for public health guidelines.

    “This means that the spread has been going on. It’s like a chain reaction, where one person infects another. So even if we lockdown now, we will still see cases remain high. This is because it will be a reflection of what has been happening over the past month.”

    Instead, Dr Chibanzi said that focus should be on limiting further spread in counties. He called on curfew imposition as well as the government providing masks for low-income citizens.

    Kenya currently has 57,063 confirmed COVID-19 cases. Deaths, meanwhile, have risen to 1039 while recoveries are at 37,846. Recovery rates have dropped from 80 to 66 % as cases surge.

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