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How should the diet to define the abdomen

The biggest food secret that allows you to define and develop the abdominals is to increase protein intake, reduce the intake of fatty and sweet foods and do localized physical activity, to decrease fat on the abdominal region and allow muscles to become more defined and visible.

Foods to increase muscle mass

How should the diet to define the abdomen

The most recommended foods for those who need to increase muscle mass and burn abdominal fat are:

  • Meat, especially chicken breast and grilled turkey without skin: they are high in protein and contain low fat. However, red meat, such as pork or cow, can also be an option, preferably removing visible fat;
  • Fish and seafood, mainly tuna, salmon, trout or mussels: they contain a lot of protein that contributes to muscle development, in addition to omega 3, which ensures the health of muscle fibers;
  • Eggs: are a food rich in proteins of high biological value, present in the clear, easily used by muscles. Thus, it is recommended to eat at least one egg per day, except in the case of individuals with a history of high cholesterol, but who can eat only the white;
  • Milk and dairy products, such as yogurt, minas cheese or ricotta: they are another great source of protein and usually contain low salt content, which prevents water retention. However, it is important to avoid yellow cheeses because they have too much fat and salt;
  • Soy: it is an excellent way to obtain amino acids of high biological value with low fat, important for the development of muscles. Good ways to ingest soy are soy milk or tofu, for example;
  • Oilseeds such as nuts or hazelnuts: they are high in protein, but also contain many calories and therefore one should only ingest about two tablespoons of ground oleoginous.

Another way to ingest good quality plant-based protein is by mixing grains and cereals such as beans and rice.

In addition, to set the abdominal fast and dry the belly, one should drink about 8 glasses of water per day, in addition to the water ingested during training, to prevent cramps, improve renal functioning and the elimination of products resulting from protein metabolism.

Example menu for the diet to define the abdomen

The recommended amount of protein per day is 1 gram per kg of weight, which, for an individual of 70 kg, may be the equivalent of about:

FoodAmount of proteinsCalories
2 yogurts8.2 g108
100 g beef26.4 g163
2 slices cheese10 g126
100 g grilled salmon23.8 g308

A good strategy to increase muscle mass can be to ingest 1.5 grams of protein per kg of weight. But this should only be done when doing intense physical activity, under the guidance of a physical advisor and a nutritionist, so as not to harm the kidneys.

To complete this diet, vitamin or protein supplements can also be used before and after training, however, they should be recommended by a nutritionist so that they are well adapted to individual needs.

Diet to define the abdomen and increase weight

How should the diet to define the abdomen

The diet to define the abdomen and increase weight should be similar to the diet presented earlier, however, it is important to exceed the metabolic rate of the body so that there is no unnecessary burning of muscle mass. So some important tips are:

  • Eat every 2 or 3 hours to maintain the body’s energy reserves, avoiding muscle wear and tear;
  • Ingest protein in all meals, using foods such as curd, nuts or tuna for snacks between main meals;
  • Avoid training without eating, because it depletes energy reserves and causes muscle wear during training. A good tip is to eat a banana with a handful of oleogino30 minutes before training;
  • Drinking a protein shake after workouts or eat a protein bar immediately to boost muscle growth;
  • Eat a plate of food 1 hour after training, containing meat or fish + rice, pasta, potatoes or 2 eggs + 2 slices of wholewheat bread and accompanied by vegetables.

Thus, to increase weight without gaining belly it is necessary to increase caloric intake.



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