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List of protein-rich foods (animal and vegetable)

The most protein-rich foods are those of animal origin, such as meat, fish, egg, milk, cheese and yogurt. This is because, in addition to containing large amounts of this nutrient, the proteins of these foods are of high biological value, that is, they are of higher quality, being used by the body more easily.

However, there are also foods of plant origin that contain proteins, such as legumes, which include peas, soybeans and grains, which have good amounts of protein and can therefore be used in a balanced diet to maintain the proper functioning of the body. These foods are also an important base of vegetarian and vegan food.

Proteins are essential for the functioning of the body, as they are related to the process of growth, repair and maintenance of muscles, tissues and organs, in addition to the production of hormones.

Top protein-rich foods

Foods with animal protein

The following table shows the amount of protein per 100 grams of food:

FoodAnimal protein per 100 gCalories (energy in 100g)
Chicken meat32.8 g148 kcals
Beef26.4 g163 kcals
Pork (loin)22.2 g131 kcals
Duck meat19.3 g133 kcals
Quail meat22.1 g119 kcals
Rabbit meat20.3 g117 kcals
Cheeses in general26 g316 kcals
Skinless salmon, fresh and raw19.3 g170 kcals
Fresh tuna25.7 g118 kcals
Raw salted cod29 g136 kcals
Fish in general19.2 g109 kcals
Egg13 g149 kcals
Yogurt4.1 g54 kcals
Milk3.3 g47 calories
Kefir5.5 g44 calories
Cameroon17.6 g77 kcals
Baked crab18.5 g83 kcals
Mussel24 g172 kcals
Ham25 g215 kcals

Protein consumption after physical activity is important to prevent injury and aid in muscle recovery and growth.

Foods with vegetable protein

Foods rich in vegetable protein are important mainly in vegetarian diets, providing adequate amounts of amino acids to maintain the formation of muscles, cells and hormones in the body. See the following table for the main foods of plant origin that are high in protein;

FoodVegetable protein per 100 gCalories (energy in 100g)
Soy12.5 g140 kcals
Quinoa12.0 g335 kcals
Buckwheat11.0 g366 kcals
Millet seeds11.8 g360 kcals
Lentils9.1 g108 kcals
Tofu8.5 g76 kcals
Beans6.6 g91 kcals
Pea6.2 g63 kcals
Cooked rice2.5 g127 kcals
Flaxseed14.1 g495 kcals
Sesame seeds21.2 g584 kcals
Chickpeas21.2 g355 kcals
Peanut25.4 g589 kcals
Nuts16.7 g699 kcals
Hazelnut14 g689 kcals
Almonds21.6 g643 kcals
Brazil Nuts14.5 g643 kcals

How to properly consume vegetable proteins

In the case of vegetarian and vegan people, the ideal to provide the body with high quality proteins is to combine some foods that are complementary to each other, such as:

  • Rice and beans of any kind;
  • Peas and corn seeds;
  • Lentils and buckwheat;
  • Quinoa and corn;
  • Brown rice and red beans.

The combination of these foods and the variety of diet are importantrather to maintain the growth and proper functioning of the organism in people who do not ingest animal proteins. In the case of ovolactovegetarian people, proteins from egg, milk and its derivatives may also be included in the diet.

How to diet hyperprotein (high in protein)

In the hyperprotein diet should be consumed between 1.1 and 1.5 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day. The amount to be consumed should be calculated by a nutritionist, since it varies from person to person and depends on age, gender, physical activity and whether or not the person has any associated disease.

This diet is a good strategy to lower weight and favor increased muscle mass, especially when accompanied by exercises that favor muscle hypertrophy.

Foods high in protein and low in fat

Foods that are high in protein and low in fat are all foods of plant origin mentioned in the previous table, with the exception of dried fruits, in addition to low-fat meats such as chicken breast or skinless turkey breast, egg whites and low-fat fish, such as hake, for example.



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