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Tyson glands: what they are, why they appear and when to treat

Tyson glands are a type of penis structures that are present in all men, in the region around the glans. These glands are responsible for producing a lubricating liquid that facilitates penetration during intimate contact and are often invisible. However, there are cases where these glands are more visible, looking like small balls or white pimples around the head of the penis and being scientifically called pearly papules.

There is usually no need for treatment for Tyson’s glands, as this is a normal and benign change, but if the man is bothered and feels his self-esteem diminished, for example, he should go to the doctor so that the most appropriate treatment option can be suggested.

Tyson glands: what they are, why they appear and when to treat

Causes and symptoms of tyson gland

Tyson’s glands are structures present in the penis from birth, and there is no other cause related to its appearance. However, they are usually better visualized during erection and sexual intercourse, since they are responsible for the production of lubricating liquid that facilitates penetration.

In addition to being considered a normal and benign structure, Tyson’s glands do not lead to the appearance of signs or symptoms, but can cause aesthetic discomfort for man. Tyson’s glands are small white balls that appear underneath the head of the penis that do not itt or give, but in case any symptoms arise it is important to go to the doctor to investigate the cause, because in these cases the balls may not correspond to Tyson’s glands.

Treatment options

In most cases, Tyson’s glands do not need any kind of treatment as they are benign and do not cause health problems. However, in some men, they can cause a major change in the image of the penis, which ends up hindering their relationships. In such cases, the urologist may recommend:

  • Cauterization: This technique consists of using an electric current to burn the glands and remove them from the glans. Usually, this procedure is done with local anesthesia;
  • Minor surgery: the doctor applies local anesthesia and then uses a scalpel to remove the glands. This technique can be done in the office by an experienced urologist;

Although it would be easier to apply a remedy or ointment to eliminate Tyson’s glands, they do not yet exist. In addition, removal of the pearly papules can cause dryness of the penis, which gets irritated and with broken skin more easily. Thus, treatment is almost always avoided and not recommended by the urologist.

Is there home treatment?

There are still several options for home treatment, with acids and remedies for warts and calluses, however, are not safe for health, as they can cause severe irritation of the penis and should be avoided. In all cases it is always advised to consult a urologist before trying to do any kind of home treatment.

Are ponlate papules contagious?

The panded papules, caused by the presence of Tyson’s glands, are not contagious and are therefore also not considered a sexually transmitted disease.

Often, these lesions can be confused with genital warts caused by the HPV virus, and the only way to confirm the diagnosis is to consult a urologist.



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