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White spot on the nail: what can be and how to treat

The white spot on the nail, also known as leukochia, is not considered a disease, and usually has no associated symptoms, being only a sign that indicates a change in the structure of the nail, which is only cause for concern if it appears too often.

Leukochia can affect the toenails and hands, and can happen due to lack of vitamin B12 or minerals such as calcium and zinc, for example, or due to minor trauma caused to household chores or manicures. This problem can be prevented and treated while maintaining a good diet and hydration of the nail.

White spot on the nail: what can be and how to treat

What are the causes

There may be several causes that lead to the alteration of the nail matrix, which is where it forms, thus leading to the appearance of white spots:

  • Allergy to certain substances, such as enamel or cleaning products, for example;
  • Lack of calcium, iron, zinc, silicon, folic acid or vitamin B12 due to poor diet;
  • Occurrence of minor trauma to the nail, such as holding the finger somewhere or suffering some damage to the manicure;
  • Sulfonamide class antibiotics, such as bactrim, for example;
  • Treatments such as chemotherapy;
  • Hormonal variations in women;
  • Diseases such as anemia, psoriasis, victimligo, tuberculosis, kidney disease or mycosis.

In addition to these factors, white spots on the nails can also be a genetic problem, affecting a large area of the nail, called total leukochia.

How to treat white spot on the nail

In general, the white spots on the nail disappear spontaneously, not requiring any treatment, however, there are some methods that help to remove the white spots from the nail or prevent its appearance.

Thus, in the case of women who paint their nails, they should remove the enamel well before painting the nails again and hydrate them well. In addition, protective gloves should be worn when using products that can cause allergies, such as those used in household businesses for example.

It is also very important to make a good diet in order to avoid the lack of minerals that are important for the maintenance of healthy nails such as calcium, found in foods such as milk and peppers, iron, present in red meats and strawberries, zinc, present in almonds and turkey, vitamin B12 found in salmon and shellfish and folic acid , present in lentils and spinach, for example.

Home treatment

A good way to attenuate the white spots on the nails, besides making them stronger and more beautiful, is to apply a mixture of oils, which is prepared as follows:


  • 1 teaspoon jojoba oil;
  • 1 teaspoon apce seed oil;
  • 1 teaspoon almond oil;
  • 1 capsule of 400 IU of vitamin E oil.

Staging mode

Mix the oils in a bottle, shake well and then massage the nails and cuticles several drops of the mixture, preferably morning and evening.



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