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    pregnancy signs and symptoms

    The most common pregnancy symptoms are the absence of menstruation and the growth of the breast. Some pregnant women also feel a pull in the abdomen and increased urge to urinate. Hot hunger as well as nausea and vomiting – especially in the morning – are also possible first signs. However, pregnancy can still be noticed by further changes. Read here everything important about pregnancy signs!

    Pregnancy symptoms: When can I feel something?

    Some women notice the first signs of pregnancy already when the fertilized egg is introduced by drawing in the abdomen, similar to the symptoms of an incipient menstrual period. This is caused by the enlargement of the uterus and the stronger blood flow. Also, increased vaginal discharge is seen in over half of all cases of pregnancy signs that new life grows.

    Pregnancy: First signs

    The absence of menstruation is usually the first pregnancy symptom. Other clearly perceptible symptoms of pregnancy are found in 70 to 80 percent of all women in the area of ​​the breasts: these become touch-sensitive and feel tensed, become bigger and stronger. Often the nipples change their shape, become larger and – by increased pigmentation – darker. Also, these may be first signs of being pregnant. Such early signs of pregnancy can already be seen in the first week after fertilization.

    Pregnancy: Symptoms of smelling and tasting

    If you are suddenly sensitive to odors and can no longer smell things that you have always felt as pleasant or at least as not disturbing, this can also be a sign of pregnancy. Some pregnant women can no longer tolerate the aroma of freshly prepared coffees or the aroma of alcohol or cheese or the smell of raw meat.

    Frequent pregnancy symptoms: hot starvation

    But the opposite is also possible in pregnancy: symptoms like hot hunger and a strong appetite for sweets are not a rarity. In the context of a generally increased appetite, the normal symptoms of pregnancy are because the body now has an increased energy requirement to be covered.

    Nausea and vomiting as unpleasant symptoms

    Pregnancy also causes morning sickness and possibly vomiting in 50 to 70 percent of all women. Responsible for this is the hormonal change with the pregnancy hormone Beta-hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), which begins immediately after fertilization in order to adapt the body to the requirements of the pregnancy.

    Frequent urination

    An indication of pregnancy is an increased urge to urinate in more than 50 percent of all women. It is caused by a stronger circulation of the abdomen after the implantation of the fertilized egg. The pregnancy hormone progesterone also relaxes the bladder muscles, which intensifies the urge to urinate.

    Pregnancy: Symptoms in the psychological range

    Are you very sensitive to anything that is going around you for any supposedly wrong word lately? Are you sometimes depressed and sad, but then also full of emotions again? Such psychic roller coaster rides are the first signs of many becoming mothers. Pregnancy brings many things together in the body and the psyche.

    Other possible pregnancy symptoms

    There are more, more annoying changes that show you are possibly pregnant! Symptoms include fatigue and dizziness. The body must work hard during pregnancy. An increased amount of blood is necessary for the construction of the placenta ; the blood plasma (the liquid portion of the blood) increases by about half, which leads to a dilution of the blood. This can make you tired and pale, your blood pressure may drop slightly, which can make you dizzy.

    Also varicose veins and enlarged vessels on the face, nail bed and genital area may signal: They are pregnant. Signs of this type are due to increased blood flow and a decrease in vascular tension.

    As a further possible pregnancy sign, the pulse becomes strongly and distinctly noticeable up into the fingertips.

    Pregnancy Signs? Test with a doctor brings certainty

    If you observe some of the above-mentioned changes, a pregnancy test and a visit to the female doctor should be the next step in order to provide clarity. For behind these possible pregnancy symptoms, other causes than a child growing up in the belly can also be concealed.

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