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President Uhuru Kenyatta hints at lifting Nairobi, Mombasa lockdown

The Kenyan government might lift the ongoing intercounty lockdown in Mombasa and Nairobi counties.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has hinted at the lifting of the lockdown that has been in effect since April 7 in a couple of days.

Speaking during a virtual leaders forum on US-Africa trade, Uhuru said the government would allow domestic flights once the lockdown is lifted in the next few days.

The head of state said they are going to start domestic flights as their trial over the next couple of days because the government will be opening up the lockdown of inter counties.

According to the president, domestic flights are going to set a pace to open up the skies in readiness to international flights.

The head of state, however, noted that although they are eager to lift the lockdown, everyone should be eager to stay safe and healthy, adding that opening up too quickly also has its downside.

He also acknowledged that although Covid-19 interventions have led to adverse economic effects in the country, they have highly helped save the lives of many Kenyans, which he said is the most important thing.

Uhuru said that the informal sector, tourism, and the hotel industry have are the most hit sectors by the pandemic, adding that his government has put in place measures to cushion profoundly affected businesses and even communities from the adverse effects of the calamity.

The cessation of movement, which was extended on June 6, 2020, for further 30 days elapses on July 6, 2020.

The National Emergency Response Committee will be expected to either ease the current directives or further tighten them this week.

This is because the time the president gave counties to set up a 300-bed capacity isolation facility is fast coming to an end.

Only 12 counties had met the requirement as of Thursday last week, the rest of the counties are yet to achieve the target.

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