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    Prolonged sitting increases the internal fat level

    New UK research supports the idea that prolonged periods of sitting would be bad for health, revealing an association between too much sedentariness and the level of fat that surrounds the organs.

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    The prolonged sedentary lifestyle favors the presence of internal fat.

    A team of NIHR researchers at the Leicester Biomedical Research Center looked at 124 subjects who were at high risk  for type 2 diabetes . They measured how long they remained sedentary, ie how much time each day they stayed in the hospital. sitting or lying down (low energy expenditure).

    Participants also carried an accelerometer around the waist during the study (7 days) to measure exactly the periods of inactivity, while the researchers also noted the amount of fat in the liver, viscera and subcutaneous areas. , as well as the total abdominal fat mass thanks to MRIs.

    Scientists have found that even after taking into account factors such as age, ethnicity, and physical activity levels, the more a person sat during the day, the greater the amount of fat in the body. liver, viscera and total abdominal area was elevated.

    The relationship between sitting time and fat levels was even stronger for those who did not follow the recommended 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week. This result suggests that enough to be spent each week would protect against the deleterious effects of prolonged sitting.

    Commenting on these results, study director Dr. Joe Henson explained, ” We know that long periods of sedentary living are not healthy and that this is a risk factor for chronic diseases such as As with type 2 diabetes and heart disease, the amount of fat around our internal organs could also predispose us to these diseases . ”

    Previous research has also suggested that being too sedentary may increase the risk of blood clots, obesity , cardiovascular disease and even biological aging.

    Some previous studies on the subject have shown that regular exercise can counter the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle, but the results do not all go in the same direction. A  2015  study had shown that it was necessary to reduce sitting time rather than increase physical activity to stay in shape, while another  study  published the same year highlighted the need to reduce periods of inactivity but even people who had regular physical activity could suffer the deleterious effects of prolonged sitting.

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