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Prostate cancer: adopting a Mediterranean diet would reduce the risk

A Mediterranean diet, rich in fish, fruits, vegetables, legumes and olive oil, scientifically recognized to protect the heart, the brain and prevent cancer, can also reduce the risk of aggressive prostate cancer in humans , concludes a Spanish study published in the Journal of Urology .

A Mediterranean diet can reduce the risk of aggressive prostate cancer in humans.

Spanish researchers have evaluated the anti-cancer virtues of the Mediterranean diet specifically on prostate cancer , the most deadly in men affecting 55,000 new patients each year in France and 161,360 in the United States.

A comparative study that shows the protective effect of this diet

The results of the study that followed 733 Spanish patients with prostate cancer and 1,229 healthy men aged 66 years on average show that a diet very rich in fish, boiled potatoes, whole fruits Vegetables, legumes, and low-fat olive oil can reduce the risk of aggressive prostate cancer in men.

The protective effects of the Mediterranean diet were indeed significant compared to men who ate a type of Western diet based on fatty dairy products, refined cereals, meats, sauces, sweets, fast food and caloric drinks.

The Mediterranean diet, the most protective

Even a “cautious” diet consisting of low-fat dairy products, whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and juices is not as beneficial, according to the study.

The study analyzed the degree of adherence of participants for the three types of diets. Only men who consumed large quantities of foods that were specific to the Mediterranean diet saw their risk of developing aggressive tumors diminish.

A diet that protects against several diseases

In addition to reducing the risk of other health problems prevalent in men such as cardiovascular disease or Alzheimer’s disease , the Mediterranean diet would be an effective method to fight against aggressive forms of prostate cancer, say the authors of the work that recommend taking into account whole models of diets instead of focusing on certain types of foods.



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