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South Korea holds a mass wedding despite fears of Coronavirus

South Korea has recorded a total of twenty four (24) cases of the new novel coronavirus. The church founded by Sun Myung, distributed face masks to the crowd but not all wore them. Close to 30,000 members showed up or the ceremony.

The church prepared hand sanitizers and continuously checked the couple’s temperature. Nearly 6,000 couples from sixty-four countries tied the knot.

The church

The late Sun Myung Moon founded the church in 1954 and later on declared himself as the messiahs and his wife as ‘the true mother’. From 1961 till his death in 2012, he oversaw the mass weddings. The church matches thousands of believers with spouses; who they sometimes don’t know or even speak the same language.

The church referred to the Late Moons wife as  the ‘True Mother’ and the church members as ‘moonies.’

The wedding

Severe transmission of the virus led to the cancellation of festivals and other concerts. However, the church went ahead with the wedding. It was the 100th anniversary of its leader’s birth. Followers from China were asked not to attend. The mass weddings have been a signature feature of the church since the 1960s.

The unified church decided to continue with the event, as the planning had taken nearly four years.

South Korean citizen, Cho Ji-Young, twenty one (21) said that; her concern about the infection still lingered, but she felt that she would be protected from the virus on her big day. Ji-Young went on to add that; she met her hubby only two months ago, and that she was happy she was getting married.

Kim Chang-Seong 27, married a woman he met only 20 days ago. He also added that marrying a fellow church believer signified taking a path paved by the church leaders.


  • The couples must Confirm under oath that they were virgins.
  • The newlyweds must refrain from sexual relations for a maximum of forty days after their wedding.

The numbers

The first American death of the Coronavirus happened in mainland China. New York Times also reported Friday as the deadliest day of the outbreak so far. According to the latest health statistics; a total of 86 died of the virus on Friday, all from China.

The only information about the American is that he or she was around 60 years of age. The confirmed number of death has risen to 724. The virus has infected more than 34,500 and among those 6,100 are in severe condition, and 2,000 have recovered.

Experts estimate that one person transmits to three or four others.



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