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South Sudanese Envoy collapses, dies in Nairobi bank

A South Sudan ambassador to Eritrea, Michael Nyang Jook collapsed and died inside a bank in the Nairobi’s Central Business District (CBD).

The 66-year-old Sudanese, who is attached to the Eritrean Embassy, is reported to have developed breathing difficulties after which he collapsed and died.

The incident has since been recorded at the Central Police Station, and officers are investigating the case.

According to officers at the station, a team of health officers have been deployed to ascertain the cause of the sudden death that shocked residents in the city.

The deceased’s body was taken to the Lee Funeral Home by people believed to be his relatives who arrived at the scene with a hearse.

The bank where the incident occurred issued an official statement confirming the sad incident that happened inside the facility hall.

The bank further said that as a result of the incidence, they will close down until further notice.

The financial institution also encouraged its customers to visit the other branches for services or use alternative banking touchpoints such as ATMs, cash recyclers, Mobi, Cash Deposit Machines, Internet banking, Vooma, or KCB-Mpesa.

A man wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) was seen fumigating the bank’s entrance to prevent possible spreading of coronavirus.

There has been a rise in reported cases of people strangely collapsing and dying recently.

Public Health Chief Officer in Mombasa County, Pauline Oginga, speaking in an interview raised the alarm over the issue of collapsing and called on members of the public not to speculate on the cause of death before doctors’ report.

According to Oginga, one can only confirm the reason why someone dropped dead through a collection of samples and postmortem.

With the country grappling with the Covid-19 outbreak, there have been speculations that the cases could be related to the disease, a concern that experts in the health sector have dismissed.

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