How to make a fortune from facebook.


How many hours do you spend on social media? Which is your favorite site? Facebook? Twitter? Watsapp? Instagram?

Well, some people waste their entire life there while others are making fortunes out of it. There is so much information on the net which could easily waste your time or cause confusion. Let us look at how facebook can turn your life around.

Facebook groups: For example, if you are business minded and you would like to get some tips on how to save, you can join a group called 52-weeks savings challenge Kenya.

If you would want to improve and market your baking business, you can join the bakers club on facebook. If you are interested in construction work, join a group called Builders & Co-creators. These groups enhance your skills and they help you to horn your skills.

Whatever interests drive your life, you can always get groups that rhyme with your passion or purpose.

Facebook adverts: If you sell goods and services, you can advertise through facebook. All you need is to post your items on your timeline, or in different groups. With the world being a global village, you can sell your items to all parts of the world. Let buyers know what you’re selling by advertising it on social media.

Facebook also has a paid advertisement service. You pay for your goods and services to be advertised widely on Facebook. You ought to learn more about paid adverts. If you fail to target the right people, you may end wasting your money and getting no sale after spending money on FB adverts.

News: Through Facebook, you are able to get the latest news from reliable sources.

New Friends: People have made great friends through facebook.  Be vigilant to avoid making friends with people who have bad intentions or who will waste your time and resources.

Make use of social media to build and add value to your life, rather than wasting all your time and gaining nothing at the end of the day.

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