KDF reveals plans to construct its own university


The Kenya Defence Forces is seeking permission so that it can build its institution of higher learning.

While addressing members of parliament early November, Defense Cabinet Secretary Monica Juma requested MPs to revise the Education Act for them to proceed.

Importance of a National Defence University of Kenya (NDU-K)

According to the CS, the National Defence University of Kenya (NDU-K) will certify and teach officers from KDF, National Intelligence Service (NIS), and other security agencies from the African continent.

Juma further added that such a decision would cut KDF costs who spend a lot of funds getting certification and accreditation from private universities.

“The NIS and KDF will have an institution that instils skills in officers for them to deliver as expected. These other colleges offer courses not approved by the institutions,” stated Juma in defence of her proposal.

National Defence College, Kenya (NDC) offer KDF officers their training. The training institution provides the required courses to senior navy officers, army commanders, special forces, and air force.

Additionally, senior military officers from other Africans, Kenyan civil servants, and security officers from different continents also get the training.

If the proposal goes through, the institution will have affiliate colleges from NIS and KDF.

However, the legislatures questioned Juma’s move station the Kenya Defence Forces hadn’t proven to have n infrastructure and personnel, to build a university that would accommodate affiliate colleges.

Numerous times, the Head of State has commended the forces for doing a great job. He congratulated them for providing solutions and managing crises in the country.

He further created the Nairobi Metropolitan Service based on KDF’s record for administration and discipline.

Kenya’s military ranking

According to the yearly Global Fire Power report for 2020 released on June 16, Kenya’s military was ranked position 12 in Africa. 

Out of the 138 modern military ranks globally because of their diverse workforce, Kenya managed to reclaim position 84.

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