Tips for making money from the comfort of your home while in self-quarantine


Amid hand sanitizer and facemask panic in the country, you may be wondering about the best way forward. If you’re stuck at home due to the novel coronavirus lockdown, it doesn’t mean you start living off your savings.

There are various ways to make money right from the comfort of your home. In turn, you’ll manage to supplement your income as we brace for tough times ahead.

In this article, you’ll get to know different ways to get some extra income while practising safety measures, including social distancing.

Sign up for some home gigs

Incorporating an extra gig into your nine to five job isn’t simple in a high demanding gig economy. Job boards such as Upwork and Problogger have a variety of uncomplicated tasks you can do at home and earn some extra money.

Some of the skills clients are in search of include

  • Social media management: Do you have the expertise to grow a professional or company platform on the various available social media platforms? You can earn some extra cash through posting and regularly updating a brand account.
  • Coding: With more people working from home, companies need people to redesign their existing pages, and create new websites.
  • Video editing: If you can edit video or sound, you may find gigs that include putting together video segments for many individuals, including marketing agencies and YouTubers.
  • Copywriting: During this period, most companies are in search of people who have a flair for the written word. Companies need freelancers to write content on their behalf.
  • Tutoring: COVID-19 has caused school closure around the country. Parents are willing to pay tutors to keep their children’s mental skills up to date through virtual training. With a webcam and a degree, you may be lucky to get a well-paying gig.

Become an Uber or Bolt driver

The country isn’t on a total lockdown yet; hence, you can sign up for a ridesharing app such as Uber or Bolt. During this quarantine period, public safety officers, restaurant workers, and hospital staff need rides to and from work.

However, keep your vehicle thoroughly disinfected and sanitized when providing these rides. Tips you can use to ensure your safety, and that of your passengers include:

  • Avoid unnecessary contact: During your trips, avoid hugging or shaking hands with your passengers. Request passenger to use the back seat if the room is available. Have a facemask and gloves, use hand sanitizers in between rides, and always wipe the steering wheels and door handles with disinfectant wipes.
  • Sanitize after dropping each passenger: After each passenger, wipe or spray the interior of the vehicle with a disinfectant.
  • Before signing up to the ridesharing app, ensure to clear your vehicle of any clutter, including toys thoroughly. In addition, you can have a tissue to offer passengers to sneeze into during the rides.

Sell your old items

Do you have an old item lying around that you no longer need? Turn it into cash with OLX. Write down a little bit about the product you intend to put up for sale. Ensure to describe your item accurately and earn that little extra cash when staying at home.

Furthermore, you’ll manage to free up some space in anticipation of purchasing better furniture or whatever you have in mind.

Trade stocks

Currently, the stock market is dominated by stories on the new lows. For a veteran stock trader, they understand that volatility is the key factor to maximize on stock profits. Furthermore, apart from being a long-term process, you can make extra money by taking advantage of the market short bursts volatility.

Extra tip

Has your regular work routine changed to work from home? You may find yourself feeling restless. Many free courses on the internet will help you master the know-how of working from home.

From mastering the stock market to online tutoring, there are so many ways to practice social distancing and earn money. Unfortunately, scammers are also everywhere preying on parent looking for work from home jobs and laid-off workers.

Be extra vigilant and refuse to take work without upfront payment, or handing payments on behalf of someone else. If a financial opportunity arises that’ too good to be true, there are high chances it’s not legitimate.

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