Undergraduate Internship Opportunities in Kenya


Everyone starts from somewhere in their career journey. Right from successful professionals in the corporate world, or family running a thriving firm, the stories aren’t any different. Apart from few individuals, when you start working, the first job starts at a lower level before getting a promotion after proving your competitiveness and determination.

Getting internship opportunities in Kenya is not a walk in the park, as recruiting managers will have to know what services an individual can offer that will help the company to grow.

Upon getting an internship, one has to get accustomed to the work they are given. Most of the times it will be different from what one studied at the University.

The good news is, there are many companies in Kenya offering internship opportunities to graduates, to spearhead their careers.

Getting internship opportunities in Kenya

A majority of institutions in Kenya recruit undergraduates as interns. It does not mean that people who have a certificate or diploma are not eligible for an internship. The labour market is flooded with individuals who have pursued different degrees, giving them an upper hand. However, if you look keenly, no one with a post-secondary qualification can miss an internship.

Typically, getting an internship in Kenya does not guarantee that you will get paid, as a permanent employee working from 8 to 5. The best one can get could be bus fare, some small house allowance or reimbursements. Some internships last for six months with the interns working up to 40 hours a week without any pay.

With the number of graduates skyrocketing annually, most recruiting managers are giving undergraduates a short period to intern without payment.

List of the top internship opportunities in 2020

Many companies in different parts of Kenya that are willing to offer undergraduates an opportunity as interns. When applying for the various advertised positions, you need to sound aggressive and competitive.

This trait is what will help you to stand out from your peers. If you are lucky, you may land an internship opportunity with a multinational company like Deloitte Kenya. Working with such an organization will give you immense skills and capabilities.

You may also meet high profile individuals, enabling you to get employment faster than you ever imagined. Working in this company will allow one to work on projects that help you grow on your business skills.

Internships in Kenya in 2020

Paid internships Abroad

Goldman Sachs internship

Goldman Sachs is a multinational company located in Africa and the Middle East that gives undergraduates internship opportunities. It has mastered a way of bringing individuals from different cultures together, for the better of the people and communities they serve. Some of their internship programs include:

New Analyst program, which can only be applied by graduate-level and final year undergraduate students. It is full time and students applying need to have an outstanding record in their academic performance. To apply, one can follow the following steps:

  • Go to their website and click on the “apply for this program.”
  • If you are an existing user, log in, if not you will be required to register
  • Select the position you want to apply
  • Please select the program for this case it should be a New Analyst
  • Complete all the application details and submit

 To get more information on their various internships, visit their website.

Tullow oil Kenya internships

 Tullow Oil is a leading gas and oil production and exploration company. It is an independent company operating in 16 countries across Africa. They include the New Ventures, West Africa and East Africa.

The company also offers internship opportunities to undergraduates in Kenya. Who have performed well in their studies. One is usually encouraged to apply for an internship either through their LinkedIn account or through the company’s portal. To get started, follow the steps below:

  • Visit their job portal to find out the roles that are available currently
  • Create an account. It enables you to save for an internship opening, and you will be notified once it is open.
  • Set up alerts that will help you know of any available vacancies.

 For more information on the company and how their systems work, visit their website:


Bank of America Merril Lynch internship

Bank of America Merril Lynch offers a variety of internship programs. The positions are for summer as well as associate and analyst full time. They include:

  • Global human resources
  • Global technology and operations
  • Global research
  • Global qualitative analysis
  • Global markets and sales trading
  • Global transaction services
  • Global corporate and investment banking

 To apply for these positions, you have to:

  • Go on their website https://campus.bankofamerica.com and apply online
  • Search for the program, location, and business division you want to apply then select the title of the program.
  • Choose the “select now” button and sign if you have an account. If not, you will have to register
  • To successfully be eligible for the program you are applying; complete all the sections of the application form. Next, complete the part of the online assessment by the application deadline.

More information o the internship programs and deadlines can be found on their website.

KPMG Kenya internship

 KPMG has set itself apart to ensure it offers interns with a superior-quality placement that is beyond compare. It is what makes the organization stand out from its peers. Most interns who go through their system are guaranteed of having extraordinary careers.

Working as an intern at KPMG helps to fast track the career leadership plan for future graduates. When applying for the internship opportunities, candidates need to be well versed with the following reviews on their online application docket:

  • A candidate should not create more than one application form. To log in or out of your application, you need an email address or ID number. Before submitting, ensure all the details are accurate.
  • Applying online is easy as it brings four simple steps with the places where you will need to upload a university degree if there is any, transcript, certificate, and ID.Find out more about what they offer from their link below:


Internships are not just meant to pass the time; it is the stepping-stone towards getting experience on how to be better at any upcoming employment opportunity.

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