Why Attending Practical Public Speaking Classes Will Change Your Life For Good

By Esther Kamau

Somebody once said that the human brain starts working the minute we are born and never stops until we stand to speak in public!

Can you relate?

It’s not uncommon to freeze in public; to feel like everything you prepared to say suddenly just vanished into thin air.

You have tried watching videos on how to improve your public speaking skills but nothing seems to be working. You have even attended public speaking workshops but you still felt something was missing.

You are now more proactive in looking for practical public speaking classes where you can be able to practice and finally overcome your fear of speaking in public.

But the one concern you have is how effective these public speaking classes will actually be.

And on top of that, is 7 weeks really enough for you to learn how to be a good public speaker.

Have a look at this course >>> How to speak with confidence in public in only 7 weeks

What makes a public speaking class different from what you have already seen on you tube and every other public speaking course you have attended?

Here are 3 most important reasons why you should join a public speaking classes…

1. You get the chance to actually practice in front of an audience

The best way to practice for public speaking is to actually go in front of people and present! Whether it’s a big or small crowd, practical public speaking sessions help you to practice by overcoming your nerves.

Because the course is also structured, you get to be allocated a topic either impromptu or one in your field as well as a time for presentation.

The more you practice in front of an audience, the more you start getting good presentation skills.

Other than this, classes meant to improve your public speaking skills allow you to know that you are not the only one with public speaking anxiety.

You realize you don’t have to walk the journey alone by getting a support system.

2. You get personalized feedback on your presentation

This is by far one of the most advantageous reasons you should attend a course on how to be a good public speaker.

Not only will be presenting in front of a live audience but you also get to receive constructive criticism and feedback from the same audience and the trainer.

You will finally get to know where you have been going wrong, what you are doing wrong, what you are doing right and areas to improve on.

So the next time you make public speeches, you will know exactly what behaviors’ to avoid and what to say and do.

3. You get to know and practice the hidden presentation skills

To have good presentation skills, you need have a structure. These skills are what determine whether you make a good or bad speech.

During your classes in public speaking, you will be exposed to these crucial presentation skills such as; how to structure your presentation, how to engage with your audience, how to maintain the right body language, understanding of your subject matter among so many others.

As you continue to acquire all these and more presentation skills, your speaking skills will start to improve and in no time you will become a good public speaker.

Now that you know, don’t let your fear of public speaking stop you!

The journey of a thousand miles truly does begin with one step. So take the first step to overcoming your fear of public speaking.

Sign up today for the 7-week advanced public speaking classes starting on Tuesday, 6th November from 6:00Pm – 8:30Pm.

The classes are held ONCE a week for 7-weeks.

Many have gone through this classes and they have perfected their presentation skills. From Sales managers, Finance managers, politicians, doctors, Pastors, Imams, accountants, lawyers, insurance analysts, customer service professionals, HR managers among others.

Is there any reason you shouldn’t be in this group as well?

I don’t think so!

Sign up for this transformational public speaking class and change your life for good!

To learn more about our public speaking classes and book your seat for November, click this link.

See you then!

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