2020 Christmas set to be memorable…but for the wrong reasons


The Christmas festivities of 2020 will go down as perhaps the least memorable for many people that celebrate them.

Considered the largest single-day celebration worldwide, Christmas Day marks the birth of Jesus Christ. The Son of God, according to the Christian Bible, died for humanity’s sin.

The Christmas celebrations have famously brought together many people of all faiths. Sure, those of different faiths would not celebrate it, but it has often been a day the world reveres, building a consumer culture around.

2020 Christmas

However, this year’s celebrations will go down a little differently.

With an easily spread virus on the loose, the world has had to contend with social distancing and wearing masks all year long. Optimism was rife at the start that by December, heading into 2021, the virus would have been under control.

Instead, the virus has continued to spread like wildfire. And for just an extra kick to the balls, it has mutated into a more infectious form in the UK and South Africa. Thus, creating the need for the continued social distancing heading into 2021 and maybe beyond?

No gatherings, parties into the night

Social distancing rules mean that the large family gatherings for Christmas will now be minimal. The need for social distancing also means that transport vehicles carry less, thus hiking the fares. With fare almost triple to what they usually would, many have resorted to staying in the cities.

Reduced economic activities also mean less to spend, with many having lost jobs. In fact, those with anything to spend are among the lucky. For most, this will go down as perhaps the worst Christmas of all.

Yet, the year comes to a close with some great news. COVID-19 vaccines are getting approval in plenty, offering hope for a better 2021. It also is a no brainer that 2020, simultaneously the longest yet also shortest year to many, is coming to an end. There is no proof 2021 will be better. But there is hope that it might be. And that hope gives a reason to celebrate.

Merry Christmas, folks!

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