Accessories to breathe life into old clothes


We all have outfits that we would love to rewear despite them looking all old and rugged. But there’s always an off- feeling once we put them on—reasons why is because they may seem plain or they make you look old-fashioned. But did you know that there is a way you can bring life to your old clothes?

You will need to accessorize the whole look and boom! we have a whole new but not so new outfit. With this, you get to buy fewer clothes which will also help you in saving your earnings. It is a way of encouraging people to recycle,rewear and upcycle their clothes.

So what are some of the items that you can use to bring life to your old clothes? Try pairing them with jewellery, scarves, hair accessories, hats, sunglasses and collars. Go all out and use whatever accessories that you have. Keep in mind the colour and texture of your clothes and the necklines.

The following are a few steps that will help you look good.

  1. If you have roll-neck sweaters, consider pairing it with long pendants and short earrings.
  2. For round sweaters and shirts pair them with choker necklaces or layered necklaces.
  3. Go all out on brooches especially if you have a sweater on
  4. Layer up your necklaces to get the chic look with one of your old blouses or t-shirts
  5. If you have short hair or if your hair is tied in a bun, consider putting on hoops or big earrings.
  6. Instead of using jewellery alone, you can go for lace cuffs.
  7. Use cute headbands or hair accessories to add shimmer to your look.
  8. Belts also give out a sophisticated look you can as well try pairing them with belts.

With the few tips, I hope you will all think twice about rewearing your old clothes.

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