Are Double-Glazed Windows in Kenya Worth It?


When building or renovating their houses, the majority of homeowners do not put much effort into their windows and doors. They are a crucial part of your home and will play a key role in determining how your living experience will be. Having the right ones will bring along numerous benefits regarding the functionality and the comfort of your living space.

Should you hear too much noise from the outside, or your house takes a rather long time to heat up despite the high bills, your windows should be checked and upgraded. In this case, the best solution for you is getting double-glazed windows.

What are double-glazed windows?

In layman’s terms, when a window is described to be single, double, or tripled-glazed, it generally means how many the number of parallel panes in the glass are. As the name suggests, double-glazed windows are made up of two layers to insulate the house. The space between the two layers of glass is either a tight vacuum or filled with inert gas.

These unique properties make double-glazed windows beneficial all-round the year – keeping you cool during the summer and warm during winter. But the question is, are they really worth it?

The simple, short answer is ‘yes’! While they might cost you a few extra bucks, having them in your space will make every single penny worth it.

Why should you get double-glazed windows?

There are tons of reasons why insulated glazing is becoming a popular trend for homeowners. Such windows, just like any others, are suitable for the penetration of natural light to your space even when they are closed. But this is not their only purpose, as they also are used for their insulation capabilities.

During the hot seasons, up to 80% of the heat penetrates to the house through the windows. Moreover, more than 40% of heat is lost from the house if you have the standard windows. If you have double-glazed windows, the heat transfer is minimalized.

There is more than meets the eye when you are looking for the benefits of such products. Take a look at some of the other advantages of owning them.

Advantages of double-glazed windows

1.   Save money on energy bills.

We end up spending a lot of money and resources trying to maintain the temperatures in our living spaces to be conducive. When it is hot outside, many people invest in air conditioners, buying even the most expensive ones.

To add on that, such machines will take up a lot of energy, meaning more bills to sort out at the end of it all. Whenever it is cold, room heaters are used. These will also, eventually, utilize a lot of power, wasting too much energy.

2.   Limited condensation

When speaking of windows, many people might just consider the heat and light as crucial factors to look at. However, those are not the only things one should be concerned about when purchasing them. In many cases, windows are the leading cause of condensation in your living space.

Condensation occurs when the window panes are cooler than the temperatures inside the house. When the two conditions meet on the window, it condenses, making the panes appear misty. At other times, this results in droplets of water forming on the windows.

While this might not sound like an alarming concern, it usually has detrimental impacts over time. Mould and mildew might form on the window frames, eventually affecting the air quality in the room.

Health concerns can also arise from issues such as allergies and other infections. This problem is history when you have double-glazed windows. This is attributed to the fact that the inner pane is never cooler or hotter than the room temperature.

You will never have to worry about condensation being a problem in your living space with a double-glazed window.

3.   More security

Double-glazed windows are much stronger to break into compared to single-window panels. Having them generally increases the security of your home. Moreover, they can handle the impact much better; hence, the risk of wear and tear is quite minimal.

4.   Sound insulation

With a very robust barrier between the home and the outside environment, noise generated from outside the house is drastically reduced. You can live in peace, enjoying the serenity of your homestead, free from all the sounds and disturbances from outside.

5.   Protect your interior décor and furnishings

When too much heat penetrates your windows, exposing certain interior products such as paintings, furniture, and other objects to direct heat can harm them. Destructive heat cannot damage your furnishings when you have double-glazed windows.

Drawbacks of double-glazed windows

1.   Difficult to repair

The only disadvantage one can put across is that these windows are difficult to repair. Their effectiveness is reduced should they become damaged. Unfortunately, the sole remedy to this situation is to change the entire unit completely.

Bottom line

That said, you ought to know that not all insulation windows are the same. You might need the help of professionals to pick the best models which suit your needs. Never settle for less.


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