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Firm skincare with rice water: Follow this every day morning method for a glowing and revitalized skin

Natural and simple solutions give the best results when it comes to your skin; are you ready to follow this significant skincare steps?

Any serious beauty enthusiast knows the good results brought forth by using rice water on the skin. From time immemorial Koreans have used rice water as the main ingredients, hence their glowing skin. It doesn’t come as a surprise when rice water is broadcasted as the most effective skincare product.

The rice water in this context represents the water used for boiling or washing rice.

How to make ice cubes from rice water for every morning use

For making ice cubes, you can opt to use water used to soak and cook either brown or white rice.

  1. When cooking rice, add an extra amount of water then strain and store it.
  2. After cooling off pour in an ice tray and allow freezing, a silicone ice cube tray works best since it folds, making it easy to chuck out an ice cube.
  3. Use once daily on your clean face and rinse off after around 25 minutes.

Using rice water not only makes your skin firmer, but it also plays the role of a natural skin brightener. After application, you can allow the water to air dry instead of washing your skin for better results.  This will leave your skin feeling supple and soft.

Why you need rice water as a daily beauty regimen

  1. It prevents acne breakout by tightening the pores and acting as the skin’s astringent.
  2. Rice water heals sensitive skin by soothing rashes, inflammation and pimples.
  3. Rice water additionally plays the role of sunscreen by preventing the harmful ultraviolet rays from penetrating the skin. It similarly acts as a natural product to heal sunburns.

Rice water also improves the overall skin health because it contains vitamin B and E, antioxidants, and minerals which prevent hyperpigmentation while leaving the skin with porcelain touch.

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