Introverts emotional strength during the Pandemic


One thing that we ought to know is that different personalities affect how we deal with and how to avoid loneliness. Maintaining one’s health has been the most critical thing during the pandemic. It was said that introverts would have an easy time dealing with the pandemic because they thrive in situations that make them interact less with people.

Therefore quarantine and social distancing was not somewhat a new phenomenon to them. According to a study conducted in the University of Bern’s Daniele A.Gubler suggested that introversion helps in avoiding loneliness. But a trait alone is not the only way that one can use to adapt to stress. People should learn how to regulate their emotions to stave off loneliness completely.

The following ways can be used strategically to regulate emotions when they experience difficult and challenging situations. There’s the adaptive way, where people come to terms with the situation which enables them to feel better. The other one is maladaptive; under this category, one fans the flames of unpleasant feelings.

Other researches have been conducted to measure loneliness, and they have been divided into three categories. The first category is of intimate (lacking companionship), relational (lacking people to talk to) and collective (feeling low commonality with others). Those with introversion and an adaptive way of dealing with emotions tend to preserve their well-being from loneliness.

Extraverts are said to have faired far well during the pandemic. This is because they tend to suppress their despair. People with neuroticism have also suffered due to their excess levels of worry and anxiety.

Introversion has an added advantage, but only when an adaptive approach accompanies it. Personalities aren’t the only ways that people can depend on to cope with life vicissitudes. What matters is the way you regulate your emotions.

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