Is there something like love? What’s love?


Is it a passing infatuation, a pastime for the feeble and weak minded who must have a fantasy or illusion to live for? Is it worth loving someone with all your heart despite that they have little interest and concern about you? Is it worth to have that one person or those people? What do you understand by the meaning of the word love?

This brings us to the question of, what money can do and the mighty of the wallet. It would seem that in a society which has become increasingly materialistic, money or its command has become the yardstick by which the so called love flourishes.

In fact some people say the length and breadth of the wallet is the measure of love. Love which is a gift given to us from God priceless but us we have monetized it. Without money who can love you? Even when you possibly have enough but not sufficient for the needs of the girl you love, then forget about loving her. She will certainly find someone with better purchasing power and call it love.

That is the kind of love that can only thrive in posh, luxurious hotels in the midst of expensive food, wine, the lot. It finds fulfillment in the giving or receiving of magnificent gifts and the general enjoyment of love. If love was spontaneous and had no barriers,  why have managers in firms not for example fallen in love with sweepers or messengers? But when there are such labels attached to love is it still love or something else? Shouldn’t we give it another name?

Already now people aspiring for marriage have set their standards on the type of people they would like to marry. They must be employed, earning a certain salary, living in a posh estate for them to qualify. And if you do not fit the bracket then you cant qualify. And that is still called love.

In a traditional African context of marriage was not based on love. It was a question of getting domesticated housewives to raise children and look after the home. There is that love on thrives when the going is smooth, lots of money and lots of fun. But suddenly the job and money are gone and the hard times set in. Love like a flower only thrives where conditions are favourable. It is supposed to know no bounds, have no borders, no conditions, be spontaneous and all be embracing, be able to endure through thick and thin, in season or out of season, in richness or poverty and in sickness or in health. This is the kind of love we all ought to love, for God also loved us unconditionally and like no human will ever love.

The kind of difficulties we experience when we are in a relationship are the small temptations that come along that test our strength and commitment. Let not be broken and left in pieces but us the most precious gift to mend it, don’t weaver. Use love to mend the cracked wall and see how beautiful it will look.

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