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Leaking n*des: The new form of se*ual violence

We all remember the story of Brenda Cherotich and Brian Orinda when it comes to the fight against the coronavirus. The two were among the first patients to recover from the deadly virus. Brenda was patient zero and Brian was patient number three.

Various media stations publicized their recovery. However, the online episodes that followed took a wrong turn for Brenda.

Various Kenyans expressed their distrust, anger and even ridiculed her. Additionally, a source shared alleged n*de photos of Brenda. The move inflicted maximum damage to her reputation.

News anchor Yvonne Okwara addressed the issue on live television. She said that some Kenyans had turned into se*ual cyberbullying. However, netizens turned on her and accused her of toxic feminism.

They accused her of having double standards because she did not comment when a County Governor’s whose alleged n*de photos leaked a week earlier. Netizens bullied both Brenda and Yvonne. This shed light on a new form of se*ual assault.

Leaking n*des

Several women have fallen victim to this form of sexual assault. Most of the time, their jilted ex lovers are the ones who leak their n*des on the internet.

Famous people like the singer Avril and Wajir Women Representative Fatuma Gedi, have suffered this fate.

Leaking the n*des fills the victim with self doubt. They are embarrassed and usually take a long time to recover.

Telegram channels

In Kenya, people have created certain telegram channels to specifically share n*des and se*tapes to shame women. The most popular telegram channel is called Alphas, Betas & Omegas.

Members of the group post thousands of n*des belonging to Kenyan women. Sometimes they even share s*x videos.

Members of the channel also get to post pictures of their partners and inquire whether other members have had sexual relations with them.

Most of the time, the goal of sharing the n*de photos is to bully women. Many women  are helpless and fail to seek legal redress.

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