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Lets talk about inferiority complex

Inferiority complex? What do you understand when the words inferiority complex come up? The founder father of this state of mind is known as Alfred Alder.

Inferiority complex is the state of one feeling as if they are not good enough or a feeling of not belonging. It is when ones point of view is filled with negative and degrading thoughts. It is common for people to feel low, especially if others are doing better than you are. The issue comes in when one acts out in ways that may be harmful. This is when the inferiority complex comes in.

It is also as a result of comparing one to other people. People that suffer from inferiority complex have a belief that other people have no weaknesses, therefore, having a facade that they have this weakness and are entirely flawed failing to understand that we are all humans and we all fail to achieve perfection.

But what are some of the causes of inferiority complex? A person may develop an inferiority complex as a result of always getting invalidating comments from when they were young.

Take, for example, parents or siblings saying things that make a child feel inferior or less than. The following are some of the signs that may be present for people that have inferiority complex:

  1. Being comfortable fading into the background

This comes about when you display an avoidant behaviour. You are more comfortable being caged and people not knowing of your existence because you fear rejection. For instance, in social situations, you make an effort to avoid putting yourself out there.

2. You are very sensitive to criticism

Any form of criticism will stay with the person for a long time as they are extremely susceptible. People with inferiority complex take offence at the slightest remark of criticism. If they ever get disrespected one may act out of aggression for them to decrease their feelings of being ”attacked”.

3. Not believing it when people compliment you

Dr Fran Walfish says,” People with an inferiority complex won’t be comforted by positive feedback, or if they are, it won’t stick for long.

4.Quick to assume the worst

People with inferiority complex tend to get frustrated by the smallest reasons. They blow off quickly over little things. For example, if a date is cancelled for a good reason, they believe that the other party is not attracted to them. They want to be the one to leave for ego’s sake and usually expect negative results with anyone they meet.


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