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Make-up amidst Covid-19

I must say with the current norm of putting on masks, it is quite hard to put on makeup. Makeup is bound to stain your mask, and also the same mask might even take off your full face beat after investing all your time in trying to look pretty. Quite a waste, huh?

With the masks on, all we are left to work on is the eyes.”Colourful lashes and graphic liner can match or complement the natural eye colour and even coordinate with facial coverings”. Makeup artists have been struggling to stay afloat with some of their sources of income. A good example is the cancelation of weddings.

Makeup artists have also been seriously decommissioned with the move for people to social distance to control the spread of the virus. With the distress that has been accompanied by this dark season, some people may ask themselves what use is it for one to wear makeup just to stay indoors.

Others have still maintained their makeup and skincare routines.Dr. Stewart Shanksman, chief of psychology at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, says that establishing and maintaining routines that boost one’s mood can be beneficial.

He continues to say,” This COVID-19 is an unprecedented time of uncertainty and uncontrollability. So people putting makeup on will give them a sense of control given what’s going on outside is uncontrollable”.For some, once they put makeup on, they seem to feel like they are in control.

What better way to deal with the pandemic than to feel like you are in charge. This, in short, is to say that makeup is therapeutic. People say,” If you look good, you do good”.

It is evident that women have fun while putting makeup on even if they are not stepping out. People have been gracing the social media platforms with selfies and a full beat face makeup , and all dressed up while indoors. This in itself is to confirm that makeup boosts someone’s mood, and it may also seem to be a coping strategy for people to feel the sense of normalcy as Dr.Stewart says.

If it sparks joy into your day, then wake up and bake that face!

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