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We all love sharply dressed men, with a dashing look and a display of bravado. Well, suits come in handy if you want a touch of fineness and swagger. With elegance being the end result.

Here is a question though, do you wear your suits or do your suits wear you? Quite a paradox, huh! You see, for you to look all swaggered up and to get the macho man look you need to choose your suits wisely.

Look for a well-fitting suit and with good fabric. The jacket is the most primary element of a suit. You can never go wrong with a suit if the jacket which is also the coat fits well.

There are three major styles of a suit to choose from. We have the English style suit which is also known as the British style. It is quite common among men. It gives you a muscular, regular and lean look.

The English style has soft and unpadded shoulders. The suit is cut with a caricature of English in mind. Most of the time the English look has a touch of chalk stripe and most of them are normally double-breasted.

It has flap pockets and dual vents which are a common characteristic of an English suit. Closely cut to the body, trousers are high waist and normally look more fitted. There is more structure to the jacket and it also has a higher armhole.

It having checks is also a common characteristic. They are highly recommended for formal occasions and are commonly worn by people in important positions.

The Italian style is also known as the continental style. It is known for its trendiness. It is modern and stylish.

Has tight fit shoulders and are shorter. The shoulders are padded while lapel notches and buttons are slightly positioned higher than in the British and American style.

Pockets are flapless and have a pronounced v-shape. Trousers are snug to the body and have a tapered waist. The style is well suited for slim and young men.

The last style is the American style. Not the most flattering look. It has a single vent at the back, a higher armhole and is mostly baggy.

Also has flap pockets. The coat is mostly single-breasted with two or three buttons. The trousers are not pleated and are cut full.

Times have changed and the art to this style has also changed. They have become more cut to the shape of the body and are more stylish.

The difference between these styles is blurry. All that matters is for you to look for a suit that fits well and one that makes you comfortable.

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