Paint colours that add a touch of bliss in your room


Colours play a significant part in lightening up a room. So why choke yourself by living in a room full of dullness and hopelessness if all it takes to brighten it up is a streak of colour. Paint is generally an inexpensive way of renovating a room, and it’s pretty simple too.

With a simple touch, a room becomes wholly transformed. Bright colours enhance living spaces by bringing the rooms to life. To do this, one is required to have a clear vision of what they want to achieve. Is it to maintain your style, Brighten up a dark room, have cohesiveness in a room.

So why don’t we strap on the guns and identify some of the colours that will brighten up your room? But first, one requirement is for one to understand the size of the space that needs a colour pop-up. One will tell the amount of paint required and the best paint for such a room with that information.

Here are a few colour samples you can take into consideration:

  1. Yellow

It may seem a bit too much, but what other colour best complements a room by adding a touch of happiness and light. You got that right. Yellow is the best among the many.

2. Red

Looking to make a statement, then a red wall is all that you need.

3.  Egg Duck Blue

If you want a sense of calmness, then this is the best colour to use. It is neutral and relatively easy to work with if you are looking to mix and match colours in your room.

4. Green

Screaming much? Green adds a bit of edginess in a room, but it brings a sense of life to the room as well.

5. Grey

For a subtle room, grey will work well, especially with metallic furniture and finishings.

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