Simple Guide to Starting a Beauty Parlour in Kenya


Any business, regardless of the field it is in, requires a lot of planning before executing the perfect plan, even when getting into the beauty parlour in Kenya business. It is a big deal opening one, be it a small start-up or a big venture, as the wrong moves can have detrimental impacts on the returns.

The beauty industry is one of the largest and fastest-growing businesses in the world, generating over $60 billion annually. This is also a steady venture, as it hardly is affected by economic crises and recessions.

A beauty parlour in Kenya is definitely a profitable business. Servicing not only women but also men and young ones, this industry is projected to grow even further. For someone who has a passion and styling skills, opening their own parlours can sound like the best move to make.

It is a good and bold move, but one does not just venture into this field without prior planning.

A lot has to be taken into consideration before one sets up a beauty shop in Kenya. The following tips should get you started with your first beauty salon.

1.     Doing a market analysis.

Just like opening up a new business, it is recommended first to organize and carry out a market analysis when looking forward to setting up a parlour. Study the business, determine your target audience, and analyze the competition. This phase is vital as you will know which services might be in high demand and which ones are not needed.

Look for a few features many competitors don’t offer and choose to provide those services. Many people are more interested in new businesses that have more to offer compared to what they are accustomed to.

2.     Select a location

The location picked is the next crucial factor to look into. Will the business thrive in that particular place? And if so, what makes it so? Consider your target audience here too. Will you be having lots of traffic gaining access to your location?

Will there be ample parking space? These are just a few of the questions which one can ask themselves before settling on the place to set up the parlour.

3.     Research on the local laws and regulations

There are different laws and regulations which vary according to the type of parlour you are opening and the location. It is always good to be in the know concerning everything which is legally required of you to operate the business.

In terms of permits, a beauty parlour in Kenya will need different certificates ranging from salon license, sanitation, building permit, cosmetology licenses, etc.

4.     Get beauty products

Beauty products are crucial for a salon to operate in the first place. One has to purchase the necessary equipment required to run the business — these range from scissors, beauty kits, among others.

5.     Sell yourself out

If a new business wishes to thrive in a new setting, they have to come up with something that will make them stand out from their competitors. Think of what you would want to be first known or heard of. Is it the services or treatments offered?

Is it the friendly nature of the staff? Is it the interior and exterior décor of the parlour?

All these can be figured out, once one has done enough demographic analysis, and knowing what the people really want.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many staff members should one start with?

A: The reality is, not always will one have the resources to open up a good beauty parlour and still manage to employ some staff members. They can start alone, or with one other member before growing out big.

Q: Does offering many services attract more clients?

A: Not really. People go for quality and not quantity. You can choose to major in a particular area, as this might even bring in more clients who want a specialized service.

Q: How do you know the types of products to buy?

A: The products bought for a beauty parlour in Kenya are determined by the target audience and services being offered.


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