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Skipping rope termed as the most effective way of losing weight

Rope skipping is one of the most inexpensive and effective ways of losing weight. It is also one of the best ways to exercise for people that find it difficult to visit the gym or go for runs. With skipping rope you get to burn fat in your body evenly.

Rope skipping has been known to be an intense exercise and one can loose upto 200-300 calories in 15 minutes. The most positive aspect about it is that it is a fun activity therefore making it easy to adopt it as a habit.

Jumping rope brings along various benefits which include:

1. Improves ones heart health

Skipping rope is known to be a cardiovascular exercise therefore improving one’s heart health and with its intensity it gets rid of the excess cholesterol that may be of risk to the heart.

2. Improves coordination

While skipping the rope your brain will be required to focus on the feet movement.This practice over and over makes your feet “lighter”. Making you improve on your level of alertness.

3. Completely portable

You can carry your rope anywhere and you can always feel free to exercise anytime. You don’t have to cancel your skipping rope schedule due to unavoidable circumstances because you can carry it around.

4. Gives you a defined body

One looses excess fat evenly and with this happening you will experience weight loss on every inch of your body giving you a well defined body from your arms, back to your calves.

5.Improves bone density

The best exercise to improve your bone density is to simply skip up and down which is achieved by skipping the rope.Making your bones stronger

6. Improves breathing efficiency

One tends to adapt to such an intense exercise therefore making it easy to do other tasks effortlessly. You won’t be out of breath often.

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