Smoothies to Keep Your Gut Healthy


Smoothies are one of the healthiest options that you can substitute for the consumption of juice. Smoothies also contribute to weight loss as they make you feel fuller. It is mostly advisable for one to make vegetable smoothies as compared to fruit smoothies. As it is said, it is better to juice your vegetables and eat your fruits.

Smoothies are also low in the number of calories, and the good thing about them is that you can add flavours to them such as honey. With smoothies, one has a lot of options to choose from. They also help when one needs to detox, which is why they keep the gut healthy. They also assist in digestion as they contain a great amount of fibre.

Keeping a healthy diet doesn’t guarantee one a clean and healthy gut. It is important to have a goal that will heal and protect your stomach linings. Our bodies contain both good and bad bacteria. When bad bacteria take up more space in our bodies, we are prone to feeling fatigued, stressed and being susceptible to illnesses.

Our goal is to get rid of the bad bacteria and the following ingredients if used in making smoothies will leave the gut system all clean and fresh.


Ginger acts as a natural remedy for various diseases. It helps reduce the swelling of the cells, and it is a natural antimicrobial. It helps in getting rid of the bad bacteria.


When broken down, kale releases substances that help prevent cancer and reduces the inflammation of the cells. It is also high in vitamin C,K and A.


Glucose Oxidase, which is contained in honey, produces hydrogen peroxide which kills harmful substances. Honey is used as a natural remedy, and it also helps in keeping off bacteria and viruses.


Bananas are known to have a high amount of potassium and magnesium, which reduces inflammation and helps calm any bacteria that may affect the digestive system.

To top your smoothies you can add grapes, strawberries or oranges. Here’s to having a healthy and clean gut system.




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