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Suit yourself up

Suits, suits, you will never go wrong when you style up a suit. But the question is which suit will make you stand out or rather, which is the perfect and most styled suit for you. Over the centuries, we’ve had several suits of different make and style.

Some have never ceased to exist in the market. But there is always one suit that will turn heads and make people talk. This is the pinstriped suit, especially the navy blue pinstriped suit that gives a touch of sophistication.

Corporate people and professional people wear this type of suit, but with the new trending styles, you can easily pair it with good rubber shoes, and it will still give you a touch of elegance. It is also commonly worn for formal affairs.

Pinstriped suits have been worn since the 19th century. Glamourous men wore them, and suddenly anyone who wanted to look or be considered glamourous would buy one. Nothing makes a statement like a pinstripe suit.

The black pinstripe suit is easy to style as it can be matched with anything. Be it a plain white shirt or blouse, charcoal, or grey tie, and you can never go wrong. With the navy blue pinstripe, it is perfect if you are looking to make an impact. It’s best worn for formal events.

One can also go for a three-piece striped suit. These suits should be in everyone’s wardrobe as they are classic and yet so simple and easy to pair. But one must be careful not to overpair it with a tie or blouse that is too striped as one will be having too many stripes.

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