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The Do’s and Dont’s of using social media for your business

In this day and age, not using social media to advertise your business is not a smart business decision. You have all the tools you need to grow your business at your disposal, why not use them?
You can use social media for advertising your business and making it highly productive.

The Do’s

Be consistent
Consistency is critical when it comes to running a social media page. This means that all your content should be strictly business. Sharing personal photos or information will discredit your business, and your audience will not take you seriously.

Interact with your audience
Interacting with your audience is necessary if you want your business to grow. Reply to those comments, answer those direct messages and always be willing to give more information on your product. Everyone appreciates a quick response.

Use high-quality photos and videos.
Reports show that photos and videos get more engagement compared to plain posts. Use high-quality images and videos to make your business page more appealing to your prospective customers.

Be active
The most obvious and fatal mistake business mistake that people make is being inactive on their social media pages. This is a new age, and everyone looks for information on the internet. Be active on your social media pages for your business to grow.

The Dont’s

Don’t overshare your content
Oversharing content is a habit you need to avoid on your business page. Having too many posts in a short period will make part of your audience unfollow you. Consequently, your business will not thrive as it should. Limit yourself to sharing a maximum of five posts per day

Don’t use poor grammar and spelling.
Using poor grammar and spelling will most definitely discredit your business. Avoid spelling mistakes at all costs. The best way to do this is to preview all your posts before posting them on your social media pages. Good grammar will always appeal to your audience.

Don’t use too many hashtags.
Hashtags are cool, but using too many of them in your sentences is annoying and borderline irritating. If you must use hashtags, use only a few relevant ones.

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