“This is What You’ll Find Me Doing on Sundays”


Malvin Sande aka Dj Sadic has shared with Sunday Magazine what she is usually up to on Sundays.

The ‘Tukuza’ show co-host and a director of Genius Entertainment usually has a busy morning before taking it easy in the afternoons.

Sunday is also the day he indulges in junk food.

Sunday is the day…

I do my TV show Tukuza on KTN then rest in the afternoon to re-energise for the new week.

Once I am up…

 I pray, take a shower, dress up and leave for the station to prep for the show.

If I could replace Sunday with any other day which one would it be?


What I love most about Sundays is…

Most of my afternoons are relaxed. I don’t touch any work-related stuff unless I have a gig.

What I don’t like about Sundays is…

I have to wake up very early.

Sunday menu?

Junk food.

Rules I break on Sunday?

I abandon healthy eating and whatever I get, I eat.

That one thing I have always wanted to do but haven’t done yet is…

My show falls on a Sunday so I don’t get to attend most Sunday Church services but I do attend mid-week ones and the few Sundays when I’m not working. My Sunday show is Church as well so I’m not too worried.

Other Sunday activities include…

Either lunch at a restaurant with friends or a cook out at home.

Sunday tracks…

Worship songs.

Source -Nairobi Wire