Tips for healthy and strong nails


We tend to neglect them and yet they add beauty when we least expect them to. Have you ever been going about your normal business and then suddenly one makes a comment that may make or break your day. Yes, you got that right I’m talking about nails.

Whether you religiously paint your nails or you find pleasure in biting them we all want to have a healthy lifestyle. And where does that begin, it begins with us taking care of our nails. Are your nails strong? Do they look healthy? Healthy fingernails are smooth with no grooves. They have the same colour and are free from any discolouration.

To keep your nails looking healthy, keep them dry and clean. Repeated contact with water can make your nails break. Try and were cleaning gloves to help in making your nails grow.

Buy a nail kit. A simple nail kit can go a long way in helping you trim your nails. This makes them look fresh and presentable.

Use a moisturizer. Whenever you happen to feel your nails and hands being dry it is good to use a moisturizer to prevent the skin and nails from staying dry

Use a nail hardener. Nail hardeners help the nails to be strong. One can also apply the nail oil which also helps in making the cuticles strong for healthy-looking nails.

Use supplements. Supplements such as biotin help in strengthening weak and brittle fingernails.

Whenever your nail breaks ensure that you cut it off as it may lead to more harm if it is not attended to. Keep off from biting your fingernails and destroying your cuticles as this damages the nail bed. If you have a cut on your fingers ensure that you clean it to prevent any bacteria which may cause an infection.

To also have healthy nails limit yourself from using harsh products regularly such as the nail removers that contain acetone.

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