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Tips on working from home

Following the government’s directive, most employers have asked their employees to stop reporting to work and instead work from home. The move is meant to prevent the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to remain indoors. Casual laborers like hawkers and vendors live from hand to mouth. For this reason, they have to go out of their houses and work to survive.

Staying indoors is the best option for you and your family. However, working remotely is a new experience for most people. As you start working from home, you will see the need to stay productive and maintain balance.

Here are a few tips on how to work effectively from home.

Have a fixed schedule

Having a fixed schedule and sticking to it goes a long way in ensuring you stay focused. A good schedule should have clear timelines on when to work and when not to. Working from home comes with a lot of flexibility so you will probably have the luxury of easily maintaining a work-life balance.

Get started early

Since you are not exactly reporting to an office, you may get tempted to sleep in. However, starting a project first thing in the morning is key to making progress throughout the day. Starting your work late might wear out your motivation to work.

Plan out what you will be working on ahead of time

Make a to-do list of all the tasks you need to do so that you are not tempted to change your schedule. Make your to-do list the day before so that you know exactly what you need to do when you start working.

Set some ground rules with your family members

Have some rules on what other family members should or should not do when you are working. Divide up the domestic labor so that your productivity at work is not affected by you working from home.

Have a designated work station

Not having a home office is not a good reason to be less productive. Set aside some space in your living room or bedroom and make it your designated work station. Having a work station always sets the right mood for work.

Invest in internet and communication tools

Working from home means you will be isolated from the rest of the world. You will need the internet to communicate with colleagues and for research. If you don’t have WIFI installed in your house, this is a good time to get it.

Working from home can still be productive if you stay disciplined.



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